NFTs: Blood in the Streets🩸

Everyone knows the bear market has put a dent in NFT trading. But how bad is it? Here are 5 charts that paint a brutal picture 👇 1/ Billions of investment dollars, hundreds of new startup teams,...

Kevin Hart joins the NFT craze

Kevin Hart is the most recent famous person to join the NFT train. The famous actor, comedian, and businessman wants his brand to reach fans who are interested in non-fungible tokens. He also...

OpenSea data breach causes massive leak of users’ email addresses

The NFT marketplace noted that it has reported the incident to law enforcement officials and that an inquiry is underway.

OpenSea Hit by Data Breach

NFT marketplace OpenSea has suffered a data breach after an employee at its email delivery vendor leaked user data.

Nifty news: Sandbox LAND on Polygon, ETH gain a tax loss and more..

An NFT trader pulled off a supposed tax write-off "masterclass" by booking a 74.2 ETH profit at a $52,000 loss, and print-on-demand firm has rolled out NFT merch support.

Tomorrowland NFT Provides Free Ticket and additional Benefits

Tomorrowland has just shared more details about its NFT collection, which came out this year. The Belgian festival confirmed the release of new collections and what surprises the holders could...


The Digital Diaspora, an event hosted at Samsung 837 during the week of NFT.NYC, beamed a spotlight on some of the most prominent Black artists within the NFT space.

Ethereum liquidity provider XCarnival negotiates return of 50% stolen ETH

According to blockchain investigator Packshield, the hacker used a previously withdrawn pledged NFT from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection as collateral to drain the assets.

How low can Ethereum price drop versus Bitcoin amid the DeFi contagion?

Interestingly, Ethereum has not reclaimed its all-time high against Bitcoin since June 2017 despite the NFT craze.

Nifty News: Yuga Labs breaks silence, X2Y2 outpaces OpenSea and more…

Over the past seven days, X2Y2 generated $144.16 million worth of NFT sales compared to OpenSea’s $117.64 million, while Crawley Town F.C. is set to launch a tokenized third kit.

Yuga Labs v. Ryder Ripps (RRBAYC) Lawsuit

The fight between Ryder Ripps and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT keeps going as Yuga Labs sues him for a lot of money. The recent documentary that accused BAYC of being racist at its core caused a rift...

It seems NFT-themed Bored & Hungry restaurant no longer accepts crypto

The alleged removal is a bit strange considering Bored and Hungry only opened its doors back in April.

How to avoid NFT Scams

In the Infographic Below, we’ll talk about the most common NFT scams and how to avoid them. We hope you Enjoy! Stay Safe! Newsletter & Alpha Calls Join our Mailing list to get Daily...

eBay Is Acquiring NFT Marketplace KnownOrigin

Today, eBay bought the NFT marketplace KnownOrigin, which is the biggest step it has taken so far into the world of digital collectibles. The online auction company won’t say how much the deal is...

NFT, DeFi and crypto hacks abound

Falling prey to a fraudulent link can be devastating to one’s personal investment portfolio. Here are three ways a hard wallet can protect you.

TAG Heuer has an NFT smartwatch: Nifty Newsletter, June 15

Yahoo Hong Kong executive Lorraine Cheung said that activities in the Metaverse are seen by Hong Kong residents as a good alternative to social interaction amid the pandemic.

Uniswap acquires NFT marketplace aggregator Genie to further ‘universal ownership’ goals

Decentralized exchange Uniswap to add additional NFT functionality to its platform following the acquisition.

Ukraine sells CryptoPunks NFT donation for 90 ETH, worth over $100K

The CryptoPunk 5364 NFT was donated to the Aid For Ukraine campaign by user 0x165cd3 who procured the artwork back on March 1, 2022.

MoonPay Launches NFT Platform With Fox Corporation and Universal Pictures

Start-up in crypto MoonPay is working with Universal Pictures, Fox Corporation, and Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Records, among other companies, to launch a new NFT platform called HyperMint. With the...

Crypto start-up MoonPay launches NFT platform with Universal, Fox

MoonPay is partnering with Universal Pictures, Fox Corporation and Snoop Dogg's Death Row Records, among other brands. The new platform enables large brands, agencies, and enterprises to mint...

New video revives debate over Bored Ape Yacht Club’s alleged ‘racist’ imagery

A new video examines the alleged racist and white supremacist symbols hidden in plain sight by Yuga Labs in its most popular NFT collection.

China’s WeChat bans crypto and NFT-related accounts

The policy also covers secondary NFT trading as the firm notes that “accounts that provide services or content related to the secondary transaction of digital collections shall also be dealt with.”

Scams in GameFi: How to identify toxic NFT gaming projects

While NFTs could change the gaming economy, some blockchain-based projects can be less than honest.

Nifty News: Christie’s NFT expert to lead CryptoPunks, fake heiress launches NFT collection

Noah Davis, the NFT expert for the auction house Christie’s, said he’s not looking to change the plan for CryptoPunks when he leads the project and has invited holders to a one-on-one chat.

Tom Brady Is the Most Impersonated NFT Celebrity by Scammers

People have always thought of Tom Brady as a leader. As the quarterback with the most wins in NFL history.  Brady also looks for new ways to do things when he’s not on the field. Now, he is...

How Much Does It Cost to Make an NFT

How much really does it cost to set up an NFT? You hear a lot about the latest popular NFT collection that just sold for a record amount, but how much does it cost to make an NFT? In the...

Trillion-dollar crypto collapse sparks flurry of US lawsuits

With inflation and interest rates rising, the best-known cryptocurrencies have been hit with heavy and continuing losses. Bitcoin has lost more than 50% of its value this year; Ethereum, its...

NFT​.NYC expecting ‘diverse and eclectic audience’ to drive utility narrative of NFTs

The co-founder and vice president of growth at NFT.NYC shared insights into its community-first values and ethos.

NFT platforms in China grow 5X in four months despite government warnings

NFTs are still a gray area in China where unlike cryptocurrencies, there’s no official ban on its use, but the authorities have warned investors against the risks from time to time.

Michael Jordan Aims to Build Solana Crypto’s Metaverse Future

Solana started to become an alternative to Ethereum in 2021, and as the NFT market grew, so did interest in Solana. The Metaplex Foundation, which created the Solana protocol, got a lot of money...

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