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Apple Is Building a Demand-Side Platform

For some time now, Apple has given the impression that it doesn’t like online advertising.

Apple to Develop Future Mac Chips in Israel

Apple is opening a new development site in Jerusalem, Israel, to develop new Apple silicon chips for future Macs. Elad Wertheimer, responsible for...

EU Approves Landmark Legislation to Regulate Apple and Other Big Tech Firms

European Union lawmakers have approved landmark legislation to heavily regulate Apple, Google, Meta, and other big tech firms. The Digital Markets...

New Version of Original HomePod to Return Next Year

Apple is likely to release a successor to the original HomePod next year that will feature a new display on top supporting new touch interactions,...

Apple's 'Game-Changer' AR/VR Headset Rumored to Launch in January 2023

Apple is "likely" to release its long-rumored mixed-reality headset as soon as January 2023, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. ...

History of iOS (Full Documentary)

Facebook Says Apple Is Too Powerful. They're Right

In December, 2020, Apple did something insanely great. They changed how iOS, their mobile operating system, handled users’ privacy preferences, so that owners of iPhones and other iOS devices...

Remembering Apple’s Newton, 30 Years On

On its 30th anniversary, we look at the groundbreaking product's enduring legacy.

Apple's Headset Said to Feature 14 Cameras Enabling Lifelike Avatars, Jony Ive Has Remained Involved With Design

Earlier this week, The Information's Wayne Ma outlined struggles that Apple has faced during the development of its long-rumored AR/VR headset....

Why Apple Discontinued the iPod

Apple Machine Learning Director Who Left Over Office Return Policy Joins Google

Earlier this month, former Apple director of machine learning Ian Goodfellow made headlines when he resigned from his position due to Apple's...

Chart: Apple's Share Price Grew More Than Tenfold Under Tim Cook

Apple Has Had a Successful Decade. The Next One Looks Tougher

The Best Emails From the Apple vs. Epic Trial

Please peruse this new archive of unearthed knowledge.

Apple’s Double Agent

He spent years inside the iPhone leaks and jailbreak community. He was also spying for Apple.

Apple’s Software Chief Explains ‘Misunderstood’ iPhone Child-Protection Features (Exclusive)

Taiwan's Foxconn to Build EV Plants in US and Thailand in 2022

Production slated for 2023 as iPhone assembler aims to offset smartphone slowdown

Apple Privacy Chief Explains 'Built-In' Privacy Protections in Child Safety Features Amid User Concerns

Apple's Head of Privacy, Erik Neuenschwander, has responded to some of users' concerns around the company's plans for new child safety...

Apple’s Mistake

While it’s possible to understand Apple’s motivations behind its decision to enable on-device scanning, the company had a better way to satisfy its societal obligations while preserving…

In Internal Memo, Apple Addresses Concerns Around New Photo Scanning Features, Doubles Down on the Need to Protect...

Apple yesterday officially announced a range of new features coming later this year, dubbed Expanded Protections for Children. The new features include protections for sensitive images in...

Your iPhone Is Designed in California, but Made in China. It's Likely to Stay That Way

"Made in America" is rare, even though polls show Americans want it.

Apple, Google App Stores Facing Criticism Over Fees and Policies

Match Group, the online dating company that recently spun off from Barry Diller’s IAC, generated $2.4 billion in revenue last year. Its biggest single expense? The 30% app store “tax” charged by Ap…

Apple Is Now an Antifragile Company

With the return of Steve Jobs, Apple became a titan of the tech industry, but the COVID crisis has proven that Tim Cook’s Apple is truly “antifragile,” in that it grows stronger under adversity.

U.S. Customs Seizing Record Numbers of Counterfeit Wireless Headphones Since AirPods Pro Launched

The surging popularity of AirPods has reportedly resulted in record numbers of counterfeit wireless headphones being seized at the U.S. border. ...

Apple Is Working on Apple Pay Later to Help You Buy Things Without Paying for Them Yet

Apple doubles down on shopper debt.

People Are Breaking Up With Apple Podcasts

The plague of over-discoverability comes for our audio.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Reportedly Attending Sun Valley Conference Known as 'Summer Camp for Billionaires'

Apple CEO Tim Cook is attending the Sun Valley Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho this week alongside many high-profile guests, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, according to NPR. Described as...

Apple's App Tracking Transparency Framework Causing Advertisers to Spend More Money Targeting Android Users

Mobile advertisers are beginning to spend significantly more money targeting Android users thanks to Apple's implementation of a framework on...

Can Apple Change Ads?

20 years ago Apple seized music, and turned it into a lever for its broader business. It failed to do the same to TV, and lost control of music, but won massively in games, where it now makes more...

US Tech Titans Would Have to Exit Key Businesses Under House Plan

Amazon, Apple and other technology giants could be banned from selling their own branded products if a new law passes.

Apple in 'Early-Stage' Talks With Chinese EV Battery Makers for Apple Car

Apple is in "early-stage talks" with two Chinese companies about the supply of batteries for a future Apple Car, according to a new Reuters...

WWDC Starts Monday and Might Be Business as Usual

The Fortnite antitrust trial concluded last month, but WWDC might be business as usual.

Apple Employees Push Back Against Returning to the Office in Internal Letter

Tim Cook is asking employees to return three days a week

Steve Jobs in 1994: The Rolling Stone Interview

Even at one of the low points in his career, Jobs still had confidence in the limitless potential of personal computing

Apple Faces Criticism Over Its Cooperation With China

Lawfare’s biweekly roundup of U.S.-China technology policy and national security news.

Apple Looking for a Manager With Experience in Cryptocurrency

Apple is hiring for a Business Development Manager with experience in alternative payments, including cryptocurrency, according to a recent job...

Apple and the End of the Car as We Know It

As cars become computers with wheels, Apple is joining other tech companies in eyeing the $5 trillion auto market. “Software is eating the world, and cars are next on the menu.”

Judge in Fortnite Case Holds Tim Cook's Feet to the Fire Over App Store Competition

Gonzalez Rogers took nearly 10 minutes — the longest singular line of questioning she's put to a witness in the trial — to grill Cook about both the business model of the App Store and the very...

How Apple Screwed Facebook

Apple’s iOS 14.5 update has triggered an unstoppable collapse in Facebook’s ability to collect user data

Foxconn's iPhone Output in India Down Amid COVID Surge-Sources

Production of the Apple iPhone 12 (AAPL.O) at a Foxconn (2317.TW) factory in India has slumped by more than 50% because workers infected with COVID-19 have had to leave their posts, two sources...

How Apple Does M&A: Small and Quiet, With No Bankers

While big tech rivals routinely strike multi-billion dollar deals, Apple has refined the "acquihire," or strategic purchase of a small company for its staff.

How Apple Created a Billion Dollar Market for Dongles

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