Facebook Is Copying Nextdoor With New Community Moderator Features

Nextdoor’s approach to content moderation doesn’t always work.

Is Facebook Cornering the VR Market?

A recent shopping spree is giving some folks Instagram-in-2012 vibes

Facebook Seeks First Policy Advisory Opinion From Independent Content Oversight Board

It involves how it should handle private residential information.

What Ever Happened to Sheryl Sandberg?

The Facebook executive, still Silicon Valley's most powerful woman, has a lower profile that raises questions about her future.

Facebook Extends Its Work-at-Home Policy to Most Employees

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company will allow all full-time employees to work from home if their jobs can be done remotely.

Facebook Will Show Creators How Much Money Apple and Google Take From Them

Facebook plans to launch a new payout interface.

Admit It: The Facebook Oversight Board Is Kind of Working

Facebook has agreed to follow some of the board’s nonbinding recommendations regarding the Donald Trump suspension. That’s progress.

Mark Zuckerberg Believes Only in Mark Zuckerberg

Why is he abetting Trump while civil rights leaders and his own employees rebuke him? It's about dominance.

Google’s New Popup Will Further Weaken Facebook’s Advertisement Business

Android 12’s privacy-focused permission deepens the woes of Facebook by vowing to end invasive location-targeted marketing

Brussels to Open Formal Antitrust Probe Into Facebook

News, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication

WhatsApp Sues India's Government Over New Media Rules

WhatsApp has "rarely engaged with national governments in court," the NYT notes.

Facebook Still ‘Secretly’ Tracks Your iPhone

If you think Facebook can no longer track your iPhone, then you're wrong...

Researchers, Lawmakers Want Facebook's Mental Health Research

Attorneys General Urge Zuckerberg to Abandon Preteen Instagram

Some 44 attorneys general from the US urged the Facebook CEO to drop plans for a version of Instagram for kids under 13.

Why We Should All Fear Facebook’s Oversight Board

A dark new world of private government is upon us.

Why Facebook Created Its Own ‘Supreme Court’ for Judging Content

The social media giant's third-party review panel upheld Facebook's ban on Donald Trump. A corporate governance expert explains why Facebook created the Oversight Board.

What Is the Facebook Oversight Board?

The panel of about 20 people, including academics and political leaders, upheld the company’s ban of former President Donald J. Trump.

Facebook and the Normalization of Deviance

The trouble with waiting to address problems long after you know that they exist.

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