For Japanese Uber Delivery Drivers, Gig Work Is Working

Platform work has freed people from oppressive workplace culture. For now.

Waymo Is Teaming Up With Uber on Autonomous Trucking Because Time Really Heals All Wounds

Waymo and Uber, former legal foes and bitter rivals in the autonomous vehicle space, are teaming up to speed up the adoption of driverless trucks. Waymo is integrating Uber Freight, the ride-hail...

The Decade of Cheap Rides Is Over

How American life was changed by a subsidy that ride-hail companies can no longer afford.

End of the Line for Uber

Uber Losses Widen as Incentives to Lure Drivers Hit Revenues

Ride-hailing and food delivery giant reported widening losses for Q2, even as riders returned in bigger numbers.

Uber Slides Over Reports SoftBank Selling 45 Million Shares

Japan's SoftBank is selling the shares to cover losses in other investments, according to one report.

Uber and Lyft Drivers Are Being Carjacked at Alarming Rates

The Markup confirmed 124 carjackings and attempted carjackings of ride-hail drivers across the country. Drivers say the companies are doing little to help

Uber Was Fined $59 Million Over Sexual Assault Data. Now It May Pay Just $150,000

Uber has struck a deal with a California regulator that would drastically reduce a substantial fine against the company for failing to hand over data on sexual assault incidents on its platform.

The Real Reason Chipotle Burritos Cost More

Wage increases and other rising expenses are being “passed on” to the consumer, we’re told. But we’re looking in all the wrong places for the true costs of how we live.

Prepare to Pay More for Uber and Lyft Rides

The companies say they are charging extra because they don’t have enough drivers to match rebounding customer demand.

Uber Recognises Union for First Time in Landmark Deal

Trade union GMB can negotiate for drivers after it was recognised by the ride-hailing giant.

The Battle for the Future of “Gig” Work

Ride-sharing companies are pushing to make a third category of "independent" worker the law of the land. Drivers say the notion of independence is little more than a mirage.

The Taxi Driver Who Took on Uber

As the ride-share app lay waste to Montreal’s taxi industry, one cabbie decided to fight back

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