OpenSea’s Devin Finzer Talks NFTs with Jason Calacanis

Amazon Is Everywhere. Here's How the US Could Break It Up

On any given day, you might receive a package you ordered from Amazon, log onto a website hosted by Amazon, ask an Amazon device about the weather and grab groceries at a Whole Foods owned by...

A Burning Question to Ask Before Buying Robinhood IPO Stock — Will Users ‘Age Out’ of the App?

The median age of a Robinhood user is 31. 'Their serious money is not with Robinhood,' says one financial adviser.

Twitter Pilots a New Shopping Section for Brands

Featuring a carousel with links to product listings.

It's Almost as if the Rally Made Sense

Apple smashes every expectation in sight.

Study Finds Surprising Source of Social Influence

How Gen Z Is Rewriting the Rules for Personal Finance

They’re working really hard to build wealth in new ways that feel ultra necessary for these post-pandemic times. The hard thing? Figuring out if it will last.

Mapping the Past and Future of Urban Highways

How Dangerous Is Twitter?

Sometimes death threats do come true

Facebook Expects Future Growth to ‘Decelerate Significantly’

The social media giant did, however, beat Wall Street estimates for the second quarter due to increased ad spending.

America's Sheriffs Are on a High-Tech Shopping Spree

"Defund the police"? Not a concern at the national sheriffs' conference, where (sometimes questionable) commerce reigned.

The Number of People With IRAs Worth $5 Million or More Has Tripled, Congress Says

After ProPublica revealed that some wealthy Americans hold Roth IRAs worth hundreds of millions — compared to $39,000 for the average account holder — Democrats requested data. It shows more than...

HSBC Faces Questions Over Disclosure of Alleged Money Laundering to Monitors

Bank was under supervision by US Department of Justice-appointed team because of previous violations

Uber Slides Over Reports SoftBank Selling 45 Million Shares

Japan's SoftBank is selling the shares to cover losses in other investments, according to one report.

The State of the News Media Industry in 2020: 6 Key Takeaways

We’ve updated our series of fact sheets on the U.S. news media industry. Here are some key findings about the state of the industry in 2020.

What We’re Never Spending Money on Again

Sorry, $16 Sweetgreen salads and fancy silk pajamas.

Ben & Jerry's: Israel Launches 'Long-Term Pressure' Campaign Against Ice Cream Company

Please stand by, while we are checking your browser...

Robinhood Prices IPO at $38

The company had previously set a price range of $38-42.

Why the Southern Hemisphere Is Poorer

An Introduction to Thematic ETFs

Thematic ETFs offer investors a way to back their hunches without picking individual stocks. But beware the costs and risks.

Why Retirement Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past

Progress Is a Trade

It’s easy to imagine that over there, just a few steps ahead, our problems will disappear.Pessimists, of course, are sure that instead of disappearing, tomorrow will make things worse.The truth is...

They Survived Covid. Now They Face Eviction

Evictions are returning andmore than six million households behind on rent.

Why Stablecoins Are Suddenly in the News

There’s much going on about stablecoins at the moment. Some of it can be overwhelming. Here are the three big things happening right now.

Do SPACs Generate Abnormal Returns?

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) raise capital through IPO under special conditions intending to acquire an existing company (private equity). On the one hand, it looks like an...

Equity Investing in Inflationary Environments

Ranked: The Reputation of 100 Major Brands in the U.S

Facebook’s Push to Protect Young Users Is a Peek at the Future of Social

Facebook's privacy push is a peek at social's future

An Artist Died. Then Thieves Made NFTs of Her Work

NFTs are unregulated, and in the case of deceased artist Qinni, scammers have been quick to take advantage. Can they be stopped?

Average Ransomware Payment Declined by 38% in Second Quarter of 2021

The tides may be starting to turn on the ransomware epidemic, new industry findings show. The average ransomware payment declined to $136,576 in the second quarter of 2021, according to numbers...

The Mission to Unionise an Amazon Warehouse

Former Amazon employee Christian Smalls is campaigning to unionise the Staten Island warehouse where he used to work. THE FACE joined him last month to found out exactly how he’s planning to beat...

Get Ready for Biggest Criminal Trial in Vatican’s Modern History

A cardinal and nine others are accused of bleeding the Vatican of tens of millions of dollars in donations.

YouTube Q2 Ad Revenue Hits Record $7 Billion, Alphabet Beats Estimates

YouTube accelerated back into high growth for the second quarter of 2021, as ad revenue hit a record $7.0 billion for the period. Advertising revenue at the world’s biggest video platform jum…

Work Email Bingo

The Guy Who Spent $30 Million Building Trump’s Wall Is Looking for Buyers

Flush With Innovation: 10 Years of Reinventing the Toilet

Ten years ago, our foundation challenged the world to reinvent the toilet, sparking hundreds of amazing sanitation solutions.

BuzzFeed Is Going Public. Now What for Vox Media, Group Nine and Vice?

The digital media companies that once seemed to have a lock on the future are making plans to get bigger and pay back their investors.

Why Is China Smashing Its Tech Industry, By Noah Smith

Maybe because what countries think of as a "tech industry" isn't always the same

Corporate Social Responsibility Isn’t a Solution to Government Problems

The danger in corporate solutions to government problems.

Farmers Always Worked From Home

Farmers effectively work from home, and in the past majority of the population was farming. What can they teach us about Work-Life Balance?

Lucasfilm Hires the YouTube Deepfaker Who Put Its Cameos to Shame

Dream job.

Buy My House, but I’m Taking the Toilet

In this seller’s market, some sellers are exercising their power with unusual demands and stripping their homes of fixtures and appliances as they leave.

What Does the Delta Variant Mean for the U.S. Economy?

Predictions of a second “Roaring Twenties” have proved premature.

How the World's Slums Can Get Back on the Map

Amazon’s Denies Accepting Bitcoin, Sends It Tumbling

A job posting for a digital currency lead briefly pushed Bitcoin past $40,000 on Monday, its highest since June 15.

Union Pacific Freight Halt Shows Global Supply Chain Struggles

Some back-to-school products could be hard to find for American consumers in the coming weeks.

Using the Knowledge Graph to Segment Big Tech Investments by Industry

Every big tech investment is big news. If your firm raises a funding round with prestigious investors or is acquired, you better bet you’ll spread the news far and wide. But where can you go for...

Mapped: Visualizing GDP Per Capita Worldwide in 2021

China Stocks See Biggest Slump in US Since 2008 Financial Crisis

The value of New York-listed Chinese companies has plummeted after a series of crackdowns by Beijing.

The New York Times Makes Hires for Newsletter Project

The New York Times is working on its Substack killer and has hired two news vets.

How Boosted Went Bust

Inside the beloved electric skateboard startup’s collapse.

Philip Morris Call for UK Cigarette Ban Is About E-Cigarettes

The notorious tobacco company has sold billions of cowboy killers, but now it claims to be part of the solution.

Meet the Guy Who Rides Roller Coasters for a Living

The Pandemic Birthed a New Generation of Finance Bros

Robinhood traders have earned the most attention, but they’re only part of a larger story about class stagnation and distrust.

Japan’s Virtual YouTubers Have Millions of Real Subscribers — And Make Millions of Real Dollars

How the pandemic mainstreamed VTubers, Japan’s fictional YouTube celebrities

Ahead of Tesla Results, Cathie Wood Says Wall Street’s Valuing It All Wrong

Our call of the day comes as investors wait for electric-vehicle giant Tesla to report later. Wall Street doesn't get it, says ARK's Cathie Wood.

The Truth Behind Corporate Climate Pledges

Facing a reckoning over their contribution to the climate emergency, companies are coming out with a record number of pledges

EU Demands Price Transparency From Google

The European Union has given Google an eight-week ultimatum to make its travel-related search more transparent or face consequences.

Toyota Is Quietly Pushing Congress to Slow the Shift to Electric Vehicles

Toyota used to lead in fuel economy standards.

A Painting or an NFT of It: Which Will Be More Valuable?

The new technology is raising questions about the risks and rewards of investing in digital art forms.

Japan Pitches 'Society 5.0' to Keep Its Edge in Tech and Science

To promote 'wearable cyborgs' and 'flying cars,' government needs to deregulate

Could China Dethrone the U.S. Dollar With a Digital Yuan?

In FTC vs. Facebook, FTC Lost the First Round, but Could Win the Fight

To win, the FTC would need to explain how it calculated Facebook’s market share and why several metrics could actually be useful.

Shares in Chinese Online Tutoring Firms Slump After Shake-Up

It is one of the biggest ever overhauls of China's $120bn private tutoring industry.

When Can I Feel Good About Taking a Break?

It™s critical that you take a break in between milestones ” unless you want to get stuck on productivity and run dry on creativity.

Let the Market Fix It"

After all, the marketplace is scalable, independent, self-funding, convenient and persistent. Except there are problems that the market hasn’t solved, and probably can’t. A century into…

Leaving the Country

ARE THERE TIMES when a near 100% international stock allocation makes sense? I believe there are—and that today is just such a moment. Never in my life have I had such a low allocation to U.S....

The Bad Marriage Problem

Over the last 18 months, the early-stage financing market has seen dramatic changes characterized by these three things: A shift from in-person fundraising to virtual fundraising A reduction in...

Uber and Lyft Drivers Are Being Carjacked at Alarming Rates

The Markup confirmed 124 carjackings and attempted carjackings of ride-hail drivers across the country. Drivers say the companies are doing little to help

UK Economy Growing at Fastest Rate in 80 Years, Says Forecaster

EY Item Club’s prediction of recovery to pre-pandemic levels by year-end also comes with health warning

Tech Reporters, You’re Being Played by Using “Oversubscribed” to Describe Successful Funding Rounds

Why I Cringe Every Time I Read This Word

Does CrossFit Have a Future?

After the pandemic and accusations of racism almost destroyed the gym brand, a new owner tries to bring it back.

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