NFTs and Me: Meet the People Trying to Sell Their Memes for Millions

Once, people who owned viral photos made little money from them. Now, the ‘original’ can potentially sell for an enormous sum. But are buyers savvy investors – or unwitting dupes?

How to Make Money by Getting Everyone to Hate You

British media personality Piers Morgan believes he will be “canceled” for his asinine opinions. In fact, there’s always an audience for this type of arsehole.

Warehouses Are Taking Over the Earth

As events like Amazon Prime Day send demand for next-day delivery soaring, speculative warehouse building is taking over vast swathes of land

Chart: Is China Tackling Poverty?

Morgan Stanley to Bar Workers Without Covid Vaccinations From Offices

Morgan Stanley joins Blackstone and Goldman Sachs in setting conditions related to coronavirus vaccinations for workers returning to the office.

A CCTV Company Is Paying Remote Workers in India to Yell at Armed Robbers

Clerks at 7-Eleven and other convenience stores are being constantly monitored by a voice of god that can intervene from thousands of miles away.

The $60 Billion Plan to Give Every American Baby $1,000

Japan Proposes Four-Day Working Week to Improve Work-Life Balance

The Japanese government has just unveiled its annual economic policy guidelines, which include new recommendations that companies permit their staff to opt to work four days a week instead of the...

The Rise of the $10 Million Disc Golf Celebrity

How much can athletes really make in niche sports? A whole lot more than you might think. Disc golfer Paul McBeth set a new standard by signing an eight-figure endorsement contract—and his deal...

Amazon Faces MPs’ Scrutiny After Destroying Laptops, Tablets and Books

ITV News investigation prompts demand from politicians for meeting with UK manager to explain ‘wanton waste’

How Media Consumption Evolved Throughout COVID-19

World Gained 5.2m Millionaires Last Year in Covid Crisis

Wealth gap has widened as rich cash in on rising shares and house prices, says Credit Suisse

Chart: The Most Popular Booking Sites for Accommodation in the U.S

Bumble Closes to Give 'Burnt-Out' Staff a Week's Break

A senior employee wrote on Twitter that the extra holiday was to deal with "collective burnout".

US added 154 new unicorns since October 2020, 67%+ of the global total

The Memo

GameStop Completes at-the-Market Equity Offering After Raising $1.126 Billion, Stock Jumps

GameStop Corp. said Tuesday it has completed an at-the-market equity offering after issuing 5 million shares to raise about $1.126 billion. The...

EU Opens Antitrust Probe Into Google’s Advertising Business

News, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication

Interactive Timeline: 150 Years of U.S. National Debt

This interactive visual shows how the U.S. national debt has fluctuated since 1900, as well as projections all the way to 2050.

More Bad News for Big Tech: Lina Khan’s a Privacy Hawk, Too

The incoming agency chair once likened widespread data collection to environmental pollution. What can she do about it now?

Gulf States Show ‘Limited’ Progress Kicking Oil & Gas Dependency

Moody’s found that despite ambitious plans to diversify economies, progress for Gulf states is limited.

29 Psychological Tricks and Tactics Used to Make People Buy More

Amazon Workers Call for Strike on Prime Day in Germany

Prime Day is one of the busiest days at Amazon warehouses, but the profits don’t make it back to the workers.

The Lazarus Heist: How North Korea Almost Pulled Off a Billion-Dollar Hack

In 2016 North Korean hackers planned a $1bn raid on Bangladesh's national bank and came within an inch of success. But how did they do it?

Interview: Marc Andreessen, VC and Tech Pioneer

"Marc Andreessen" by Joi, CC BY 2.0 Marc Andreessen should need no introduction, but I’ll do one anyway. He helped code the first widely used graphical web browser, Mosaic, which as I see it makes...

The Oat Milk Wars Are Just Beginning

It's been a big year for America's oat milk fans — and the companies serving them.

Being a Billionaire Is a Lot Harder Than It Looks”: Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk Want to Burn Their Cash in Space

Welcome to the new space race, as the world’s richest men compete over who has the biggest rocket—and the ability to win lucrative contracts.

Is Tether Crypto's Black Swan? | Jason Calacanis on CNBC's TechCheck

Bitcoin Crackdown Sends Graphics Cards Prices Plummeting in China After Sichuan Terminated Mining Operations

Graphics cards from companies including Nvidia and Asus saw prices fall by as much as two-thirds on e-commerce platforms after Sichuan started enforcing China’s sweeping cryptocurrency mining...

The Invisible Enemy: Cyber Terrorists Wreaking Havoc and Costing Billions

For Years, E3 Has Been Gaming’s Biggest Event. Is That Still True?

The summer event landscape has fractured, producing a sprawling delta of livestreams and competing events.

MicroStrategy Just Bought Another $489 Million in Bitcoin to Add to Its Vast Trove of the Cryptocurrency

Revealed: Amazon Destroying Millions of Items of Unsold Stock in UK Every Year

Amazon destroying millions of items of unsold stock in one of its UK warehouses every year, ITV News investigation finds; ITV National News

Tech in Africa

An introduction to the continent's ecosystem.

Policies That Make the Poor Less Poor

We should have policies to make the poor less poor. Unfortunately, policies explicitly aimed at trying to make the poor less poor typica...

The Cooperation Economy

Or How to Build a Liquid Super Team

Memo: The Netflix Playbook 2.0

One hire can make all of the difference. For Netflix, Josh Simon’s role as VP of Consumer Products is key to the platform’s offense, defense, and long-term viability as studios become s…

Commodities 2021 Outlook: Food, Metal and Lumber Prices Soar, Attracting Thieves

Venture Capital Diversity Commitments, One Year Later

The venture industry is attempting to change, but it’s hard to know what will stick.

Vivendi’s Universal Music to Go Public via Stake Sale

French media conglomerate Vivendi has finalized a deal to sell a 10 percent stake in Universal Music Group to a so-called “blank check” company set up by Bill Ackman’s hedge fund Pershi…

The Implication of Physical Gold Inevitably Revaluing to Something Like USD 55,000 Per Ounce Is Gravitational

Thread by @wmiddelkoop: 'the implication of physical gold inevitably revaluing to something like USD 55,000 per ounce is gravitational'… #longread 'It’s the...

American Airlines Cancels Hundreds of Flights Amid Staffing, Maintenance Issues

Hundreds of American Airlines flights have been canceled this weekend and Monday because of significant staffing and maintenance issues.

Japan Gov't Backs 4-Day Workweek, but Experts Split

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Japan's government plans to encourage firms to let their employees choose to work four days a week instead of five, aiming to improve

How NYC Faces a Lasting Economic Toll Even as the Coronavirus Pandemic Passes

The city’s prosperity is heavily dependent on patterns of work and travel that may be irreversibly altered.

1 Big Thing: 💵 the Sports Stock Market

Finance Is Broken but Don't Worry, This Has Happened Before

Net Income and the Refactoring of Our Financial Ideology

A Conversation With Abigail E. Disney on Wealth, Philanthropy, Legacy & Success

A Conversation with Abigail E. Disney on Wealth, Philanthropy, Legacy & Success.

All the Ways Amazon Tracks You and How to Stop It

Amazon has huge amounts of information about you. Is its convenience worth your personal data?

How Equality Slipped Away

For 97 per cent of human history, all people had about the same power and access to goods. How did inequality ratchet up?

It Was a Mistake to Switch to Sticky Price Models From Sticky Wage Models

The preference for sticky price models over sticky wage models is somewhat of a historical accident; in that the original critiques of sticky wage models are now broadly accepted to be incorrect.

What Is Going on at Yale Law School?

The prestigious institution has tied itself in knots over a dispute involving one of its most popular—and controversial—professors, Amy Chua.

AMC (Theaters) Is the Latest Meme Stock…and What That Means for the Entertainment Industry – Most Important Story of...

Sometimes, a statistic is just crazy enough to make it the story of the week. This month that’s this: At various times in June of 2021, AMC Theaters was more highly valued than half of the S&P …

As Money Launderers Buy Dalís, U.S. Looks at Lifting the Veil on Art Sales

Secrecy has long been part of the art market’s mystique, but now lawmakers say they fear it fosters abuses and should be addressed.

UK Inflation Could Soar Above 4% This Year, Thinktank Warns

Resolution Foundation’s forecast prompts new concerns about household budgets as planned cut in universal credit looms

The Fraught Rise of Silicon Valley–style Development Projects in Ethiopia

NGOs are pouring millions into startups, but tech-driven development could leave the most vulnerable behind.

How Roku Used the Netflix Playbook to Rule Streaming Video

Roku's rise in the streaming video world has mirrored Netflix -- and its strategy, focus and culture resemble Reed Hastings' company, too.

Andreessen Horowitz and the 'Future' of Media

Where technology and venture capital intersect: A deeply reported newsletter on the inner workings of the startup industry written by Eric Newcomer.

The Brilliance of Yield Farming, Liquidity Providing and Valuing Crypto Projects

I’m going to make this as simple and straight forward an explanation as I can. Yield Farming via Staking and Liquidity Providing are a core feature of most, if not all Decentralized Finance (DeFi)...

How Etsy Went From Quirky Crafts Website to Glossy E-Commerce Powerhouse

Online shoppers once relished talking about the kitschy oddities sold on Etsy: Uno card earrings, a coffee pot lamp, hemp baby clothes. Today, Etsy’s sleek homepage touts minimalist ceramics,...

New Report: US Housing Market Needs 5.5 Million More Units. Guess What Stands in the Way?

These shortages, it must be emphasized, are not naturally occurring. Rather they almost always trace their origins back to bad government policies and intervention into the free market.

Virgin Orbit SPAC Listing Could Put Over Half of Branson’s Fortune in Unproven Space Startups

Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit is reportedly looking to follow Virgin Galactic onto the public markets. If it happens, a SPAC merger would put over half of Branson’s estimated net worth in...

Visualized: The Power of a Sustainable Investment Dollar

The Mediums Who Helped Kick-Start the Oil Industry

Apparently some people communed with spirits to locate the first underground oil reserves.

US vs. China: Unicorn Birth Rates

A US Oil Company Cut Nearly 2,000 Jobs – And Reaped $2.1bn in Pandemic Benefits

Marathon Petroleum received more tax benefits than any other US oil company while also cutting about 9% of its workforce

Once the Future, US Now Captive to Its Past

History is inescapable to Americans and visitors alike but now it's become more contested than ever.

We Talked to the Realtor Who Sold the Infamous Manson Family Murder House

“Its history brought out a combination of aspiring social media stars and serious buyers,” realtor Arto Poladian told VICE.

Facebook Is Copying Nextdoor With New Community Moderator Features

Nextdoor’s approach to content moderation doesn’t always work.

Deloitte Tells Staff They Can Work From Home Forever

Staff working at Deloitte will be able to work wherever they want even when Covid restrictions are eased and work from home guidance is scrapped.

How North Korea Made the Perfect Counterfeit $100 Bill

Cybereason: 80% of Orgs That Paid the Ransom Were Hit Again

The aftermath of a ransomware attack is costly, with 65% of organizations hit by an attack reporting revenue loss, Cybereason said.

The One Big Tech Bill That Could Backfire Spectacularly

Congress wants to stop most Big Tech acquisitions. But that won't necessarily increase competition.

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