Burner Phones, Fake Sources and ‘Evil Twin’ Attacks: Journalism in the Surveillance Age

When I heard my number was on a leaked data list, I wasn’t surprised. Reporters have never been more vulnerable, says investigative journalist Bradley Hope

Crypto Nomads: Surfing the World for Risk and Profit

A new generation of industry leaders has set up offshore trading exchanges largely beyond the reach of American regulators.

Why A16z Is Hiring Partners So Quickly

The venture capital firm is named after Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, but the co-founders make up less than 1% of the organization’s swelling employee base.

Media NFTs: Gannett Spies ‘Large Opportunity’ in Growing Market

How can news media companies take advantage of the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) craze? Gannett is experimenting in this area.

How Jeff Bezos Became Public Enemy Number One

Experts Rubbish Claim of Clubhouse Data Leak Made by Hacker Forum

Hacker group claims that they have got access to over 3.8 billion phone numbers from Clubhouse servers, but their claim seems to be false

How to Hire a Hitman | The Business of Crime

How Empty Storefronts Are Killing Our Neighbourhoods

All over North America, speculators are raising rents and pushing out tenants. Will our cities ever be the same?

It’s Time to Forget Everything Silicon Valley Taught About Tech Investing

The most successful global tech bets aren’t flashy unicorns; they’re efficient and practical startups.

MeToo Comes for the Video Game Industry

Your five-minute guide to what's happening in tech this Friday, from the latest lawsuit alleging harassment at a video game studio to Mark Zuckerberg's metaverse dreams.

What Makes a Market Transaction Morally Repugnant?

Many people find it morally impermissible to put kidneys, children, or doctorates on the free market. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and the Robert Koch Institute...

Why America Has a Debt Ceiling: 5 Questions Answered

Sen. Mitch McConnell said Republicans won't vote for an increase in the debt ceiling, which would risk a US default. An economist explains why it's time to get rid of the debt limit once and for all.

How AOL Got 14,000 People to Work Remotely for Free

Considering the fact that many early online networks relied on volunteers to help build up their base—until one such network, AOL, got too big.

How California-Born Restaurants Conquered America

From Taco Bell to McDonald™s, Wienerschnitzel to IHOP, most of the food giants that took over the world were cooked up in California. A look back at the origins of the real California cuisine.

People Quitting in the Middle of Their Shifts Now

Workers interviewed by CNN Business said they're struggling in the short-staffed environment.

Netflix Bleeds Subscribers in US and Canada, With No Sign of Recovery

Streaming group issues disappointing forecasts for third-quarter customer growth.

Can Ethereum Be Ultra-Sound Money?

Or is it all ultra-hopium?

States Rush Rental Assistance as Eviction Moratoriums Expire

“We're in an all-hands-on-deck moment"

How NSO Became the Company Whose Software Can Spy on the World

The Pegasus project has raised new concerns about the Israeli firm, which is a world leader in the niche surveillance market

Firm Fined £2.6m for Claiming Clothes Prevent Covid

Australian activewear company Lorna Jane is branded "exploitative" and "predatory" by a judge.

The $500 Billion/Year World of Counterfeits

US Influencer Spending to Surpass $3 Billion in 2021

Google Launches Intrinsic: A New Company to Build Software for Industrial Robots

Google is trying again with robots.

Bonanzas in Private Equity World Spark Call for Tax Relief Limit

‘Fat cat’ wealth transfer thriving in huge investor deals buoyed by cheap debt and lockdowns, say analysts

The New Real Estate Normal

In the fracturing American economy, any property can inspire a bidding war ” and shut some people out.

Now You Know: List of Corporate Titles

Airlines See a Surge in Domestic Flights, Beating Forecasts

U.S. carriers are reaping the rewards as a surge in domestic air travel has exceeded forecasts.

We Are All Investors Now

On the history of retail investing and where I think we are headed next.

Dogecoin Could Reach 8,000 New Merchants Through Coinbase Commerce

Cryptocurrency payment processor Coinbase Commerce has added Dogecoin (DOGE) to its list of supported altcoins.

The Chobani Story

Is it possible for an immigrant to build a multi-billion dollar food business without venture capital? Chobani’s founder Hamdi Ulukaya made an all-in bet on his heritage and a powerful emerging...

A Framework for the Metaverse

How much of the Metaverse is already here? When will it arrive? What does it need? And how will it grow? A Foreward to ‘THE METAVERSE PRIMER’

Netflix Isn't Dead, It's Just Sleeping

Another earnings report, another stomachache for Netflix shareholders. After dropping 400,000 subscribers in North America, some analysts are ready to declare Netflix the next Blockbuster - a...

China's Big Perfume Opportunity

Domestic beauty and skincare brands are on the rise in China, but perfume has been long dominated by international giants. Gen Z’s taste for newness and local businesses is beginning to change that.

The Highest Forms of Wealth

Wealth is easy to measure but hard to value. When George Vanderbilt moved into Biltmore – the largest home in America at 178,000 square feet – one newspaper in 1899 wondered what the point was....

How Trash Makes Money in the U.S

Ernst & Young Accused of Concealing NMC Health Audit Fraud

The hospital operator’s founder, who is seeking $7bn in a lawsuit, says EY turned a blind eye to shady transactions.

Internet Down

Much of the internet has stopped working amid a widespread outage across different apps and websites.

UK's Johnson: Post-Brexit Trade Deal for Northern Ireland Is ‘Unsustainable’

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged the European Union Thursday to look "seriously" at UK proposals to overhaul their post-Brexit trade deal for Northern Ireland, but met immediate resistance…

Screened Out by a Computer? What Job Interviews Are Like Without Human Beings

What is your biggest weakness? You have two minutes to answer! An increasing number of companies are screening candidates using what's called "asynchronous" or "one-way" job interviews where a...

How to Fix the Mistakes Leaders Make Investing in Tech That's Causing

The CEO of Workhuman argues that the old model of work-for-pay, which focuses on trying to extract the best out of employees coupled with an abundant investment in technology, is backfiring on the...

Blockchain Start-Ups Raise Record Funding Despite Crypto Slump

Venture investors appear unfazed by declining cryptocurrency prices.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Betting Facebook’s Future on the Metaverse

An interview with the CEO about his most sci-fi speculation.

Bloomberg Cancels Scott Galloway Show After Lewd Promo Video

The decision to cancel Prof. Scott Galloway's show with Bloomberg came three weeks after a promo video saw him joking about one-night stands.

HBO Max to Delay European Launch to 2022, Focus on Latin America

As WarnerMedia follows the international playbook of HBO for the rollout of its streaming service HBO Max in international markets, it has hit a fork in the road. The media giant on Thursday said i…

The Economists' Revolt, Noah Smith

The new antitrust movement is being led by scholars

Visualized: The Biggest Ponzi Schemes in Modern History

How BuzzFeed Taps Its Resources to Grow an Early Foray Into Livestream Shopping

BuzzFeed is the latest media company to start experimenting with livestream shopping as the next big opportunity to maximize its ecommerce business.

Why Do We Always Focus on the Bad Stuff?

I went back to my hometown of Traverse City, MI this past weekend for my 20th high school reunion.For roughly 5 months out of the year, call it June through October, it's one of the most beaut

How Do I F%*king Make a Budget?!

The first step to getting your financial life together is admitting you have a problem.

Mastercard Partners With Circle to Settle USDC Payments

Payments giant Mastercard is partnering with Paxos, Evolve Bank & Trust, and USDC issuer Circle to settle crypto transactions.

Penniless: Why a Victoria Man Has Gone Two Decades Without Money

David Johnston won™t touch money, except to destroy it

Why Olympians Are Struggling to Get Sponsorships

You can be the fastest in the world, but when you’re competing against influencers for corporate cash, athletic performance isn’t all that matters

Burnout Is a Good Thing

As lockdowns start to lift, we have a rare opportunity to address burnout on a systemic level – and make sure everyone’s included

Why Are Facebook and Amazon Afraid of Lina Khan?

Here’s what you need to know about the brewing battle between Khan and some of the world’s biggest tech firms.

Despite Tuesday’s Flight, Jeff Bezos Is Running Out of Time to Save Blue Origin

“What we know about Jeff Bezos is that he doesn’t like losing."

Bitcoin Climbs as Elon Musk Says Tesla 'Likely' to Accept It Again

The firm had said in May it would no longer accept the cryptocurrency over environmental concerns.

We’re Not Allowed to Hang Up”: The Harsh Reality of Working in Customer Service

In their own voices, seven customer service representatives reveal what it’s like being caught between abusive callers and demanding employers.

Germany, US Strike Nord Stream 2 Compromise Deal

The controversial pipeline has long been opposed by Washington, but Chancellor Angela Merkel had made its completion a key policy goal before she leaves office in September.

Weak US Privacy Law Hurts America’s Global Standing

Unrestrained data collection and selling doesn’t just harm citizens at home. It’s terrible foreign policy.

YouTube Says It Will Test a New Feature That Will Allow Viewers to Shop for Products Directly From Livestream...

China Is Still a Long Way From Being a Superpower

Beijing may lack the ambition needed to develop a global military presence that rivals the US

The Companies Sliding Into Workers’ Personal DMs

Work communication has certainly become more casual – but what happens when your texts and social-media inboxes are filled with colleagues’ messages?

Free Trade Is Dead. Risky 'Managed Trade' Is Here

The old trade order has gone out the window at breathtaking speed. What comes next is very slippery.

Mental Momentum Investors, by Joachim Klement

It is well known that once we own something, we are inclined to value it more than someone who doesn’t own it. This endowment effect is most at play when it comes to the housing market where...

More Reasons to Hate the Dentist

Is the field of dentistry rife with overtreatment?

Is Oatly Eco-Friendly? The Oat Milk Company Has Some Controversial Investors

The company has taken on some investors that don’t align with its environmentally virtuous image.

Is the U.S. Economy Too Hot or Too Cold? Yes

The economy is a riddle, but clearly it’s having a harder time rebooting itself than had seemed possible in the spring.

EU Plans to Make Bitcoin Transfers More Traceable

Companies handling crypto-assets would have to collect customer details.

US-based Airline Mergers Between 1980 and 2020

Beyond Crypto I: Gray Technologies

Increasingly I think that “crypto” — meaning blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, their imitators and would-be successors — is a transitional technology. I don’t think that blockchains of this...

Welcome to the Age of Billionaire Joyrides to Space

Blue Origin launched its first flight with humans aboard, including billionaire Jeff Bezos.

OP: Digital Censorship Is Inevitable Now

Big Tech and government shuffled another step closer to an open China-style merger in the West this week. On Friday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki appeared to suggest in a briefing that...

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