Warehouses Are Taking Over the Earth

As events like Amazon Prime Day send demand for next-day delivery soaring, speculative warehouse building is taking over vast swathes of land

Chart: Is China Tackling Poverty?

Chart: The Most Popular Booking Sites for Accommodation in the U.S

GameStop Completes at-the-Market Equity Offering After Raising $1.126 Billion, Stock Jumps

GameStop Corp. said Tuesday it has completed an at-the-market equity offering after issuing 5 million shares to raise about $1.126 billion. The...

US added 154 new unicorns since October 2020, 67%+ of the global total

Interactive Timeline: 150 Years of U.S. National Debt

This interactive visual shows how the U.S. national debt has fluctuated since 1900, as well as projections all the way to 2050.

The Oat Milk Wars Are Just Beginning

It's been a big year for America's oat milk fans — and the companies serving them.

Gulf States Show ‘Limited’ Progress Kicking Oil & Gas Dependency

Moody’s found that despite ambitious plans to diversify economies, progress for Gulf states is limited.

Venture Capital Diversity Commitments, One Year Later

The venture industry is attempting to change, but it’s hard to know what will stick.

Commodities 2021 Outlook: Food, Metal and Lumber Prices Soar, Attracting Thieves

The Implication of Physical Gold Inevitably Revaluing to Something Like USD 55,000 Per Ounce Is Gravitational

Thread by @wmiddelkoop: 'the implication of physical gold inevitably revaluing to something like USD 55,000 per ounce is gravitational' ingoldwetrust.report/wp-content/upl… #longread 'It’s the...

1 Big Thing: 💵 the Sports Stock Market

Finance Is Broken but Don't Worry, This Has Happened Before

Net Income and the Refactoring of Our Financial Ideology

AMC (Theaters) Is the Latest Meme Stock…and What That Means for the Entertainment Industry – Most Important Story of...

Sometimes, a statistic is just crazy enough to make it the story of the week. This month that’s this: At various times in June of 2021, AMC Theaters was more highly valued than half of the S&P …

UK Inflation Could Soar Above 4% This Year, Thinktank Warns

Resolution Foundation’s forecast prompts new concerns about household budgets as planned cut in universal credit looms

It Was a Mistake to Switch to Sticky Price Models From Sticky Wage Models

The preference for sticky price models over sticky wage models is somewhat of a historical accident; in that the original critiques of sticky wage models are now broadly accepted to be incorrect.

What Happens in an IPO? – A Beginner's Guide

Read time: 23 minutes

The Mediums Who Helped Kick-Start the Oil Industry

Apparently some people communed with spirits to locate the first underground oil reserves.

We Talked to the Realtor Who Sold the Infamous Manson Family Murder House

“Its history brought out a combination of aspiring social media stars and serious buyers,” realtor Arto Poladian told VICE.

Visualized: The Power of a Sustainable Investment Dollar

New Report: US Housing Market Needs 5.5 Million More Units. Guess What Stands in the Way?

These shortages, it must be emphasized, are not naturally occurring. Rather they almost always trace their origins back to bad government policies and intervention into the free market.

US vs. China: Unicorn Birth Rates

Anti-Galloway Index: Bet Against the Professor

Scott Galloway often makes bold predictions about which companies are going to win or lose. Now you can bet for or against his hot takes.

Well-Behaved Bubbles Often Make History

The right kind of bubble brings together the right group of people at the right time — it's a coordinating mechanism that can do a surprising amount of good.

China’s $2.4 trillion shopping festival is more competitive than ever

Government scrutiny of “pick one from two” exclusivity deals has left 618 sellers free to list goods on multiple marketplaces.

Chart: U.S. Restaurant Sales Climb as Pre-Pandemic Life Returns

China's Economy: Visualizing 40 Years of Soaring Exports

China's economy today is completely different than 40 years ago; in 2021 the country makes up the highest share of exports globally.

Chart: Americans' Food Delivery Brands of Choice

How the Great Zoom Migration Upended the Housing Market

By decoupling employment from location, COVID-19 spurred one of the most profound changes in commercial and residential real estate in the last 100 years.

Federal Reserve Raises Inflation Expectations, Mulls 2023 Liftoff

The US Fed’s latest projections have inflation rising to 3.4 percent in 2021, a full point higher than March’s estimate.

The Limits of the “Sustainable” Economy

Green production cannot replace green consumption.

Opinion: Why a Crash in Meme Stocks AMC and GameStop Looks More Likely Now

Heavy insider selling is a warning sign that a stock's price is inflated.

Why the Used-Car Market Is Sending American Inflation Soaring

Chart: China's Belt and Road Investment Map

Gold Falls to Four-Week Low and Copper Sags Ahead of Fed Meeting

Can Countries Pay Back Pandemic Debt?

Countries around the world have borrowed staggering amounts to deal with the pandemic. But where does a government borrow that money from - and can it ever be paid back?

How the Price of a Toyota Truck Helps Explain Surging Inflation

How to Buy a Work of Art

With the help of gallery owners, patrons, collectors and artists, T explores some of the complications behind an obvious question.

How to Be an Intelligent Investor and Still Invest in Meme Stocks

It depends on what type of investor you want to be.

Meme Investing

I remember when a friend of mine told me five or six years ago that he had bought some Dogecoin. I thought “what is he doing?” and dismissed it as something silly and or crazy. Dogecoin was...

Grocery Courier Boxed to Go Public in SPAC Deal

Boxed and Seven Oaks said the deal would value the combined company at nearly $900 million and provide money to serve more households and businesses that started ordering groceries online during...

Condo Developer Plans to Buy $1-Billion Worth of Single-Family Houses in Canada for Rentals

Toronto company is betting an investment concept that has already proven lucrative in the U.S. will also be successful north of the border

The Latest Hot IPO Trend Isn’t A SPAC

Startups are setting aside funds for charity as they go public.

Don't Worry About Inflation... Yet

How worried should we be about the latest inflation figures from America? A 5% rise from May 2020 to 2021 is a big jump. In fact, prices haven’t gone up that fast since 2008. What’s going on?...

Is the Economic Gap Between New and Old EU Countries Closing?

BlackRock Buying Houses Isn’t to Blame for the Chaotic Housing Market

The boogeyman isn’t who you want it to be.

RCEP Explained: Visualizing the World’s Biggest Trading Bloc

WallStreetBets Founder: Meme Stock Trading Isn't Market Manipulation

WallStreetBets founder Jaime Rogozinski weighs in on the latest volatile trading in meme stocks.

Incentives in Economics Are Wrong, but How?

We aren’t starving for quantity, we’re drowning in garbage

Ranked: The Biggest Companies in the World in 2021

Everything You Need to Know About the DiDi IPO

Chinese ride-sharing behemoth DiDi Chuxing filed for its U.S. IPO on Thursday, leaving it poised to become one of the biggest tech public offerings of 2021.DiDi has not disclosed its fundraising...

The Figures That Will Move the Venture Capital Market in the Next 5 Years

This weekend, Janet Yellen said the US economy would benefit from an increase in interest rates. The Fed has been struggling to combat historically low inflation. The combination of both the 25%...

A Global Perspective: The Possibilities in International Equity Investing

Money Stuff: The Meme Stocks Keep Coming

How an Informant and a Messaging App Led to Huge Global Crime Sting

It took $120,000 plus expenses, and the opportunity for a reduced prison sentence, for the smartphone developer to collaborate with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2018 and kick-start...

Foreign Asset Managers Are Eyeing China’s Vast Pool of Savings

Do they stand a chance against home-grown competitors? | Finance & economics

AMC Stock Price Analysis

Government Debt of the G7 From 1980 to 2020 : Dataisbeautiful

Top 10 U.S. Cities by Fastest Growing and Declining Rent Prices

Bangladesh Is the New Asian Tiger

It's succeeding using the classic formula, and defying the skeptics.

Where Did All the Yellow Cabs Go?

Nearly two-thirds of New York’s taxis are gone, and a lot of them may never come back.

The New Geopolitics of Global Business

China and America dominate like never before | Leaders

UN: Cost of Food Rises at Fastest Pace in Over a Decade

Soaring food prices are likely to fuel concerns about the threat of inflation after the pandemic.

Delicious Biryani, Compliments to the Robo-Chef

Automated ghost kitchens are coming for traditional Indian cuisine.

Chart: To the Moon! And Back?

Small-Town Homes, Big-City Prices: Welcome to the Everywhere Boom

Sky-high housing prices have always been a problem in urban areas. Now, people are being priced out all over

Not Just AMC: These Are the Meme Stocks Reddit Traders Are Pumping Again as Experts Urge 'Extreme Caution'

Shares of struggling chains AMC and Bed Bath & Beyond surged as much as 50% Wednesday.


I’ve lost a lot of other people’s money. The most stressful times in my life have been when people believed in me and invested tens (if not hundreds) of millions in my company or idea, only to see...

Banks' Own Private Currencies in 19th-Century America

Before the Civil War local banks issued their own money. It was totally legit, too.

Capitalism Won’t Thrive on Value Investing Alone

The economy needs careful decision-makers as well as risk-takers.

Visualizing the Snowball of Government Debt in 2021

East Asia Leads World in Purchases of U.S. Meat

China and Japan are the biggest buyers of U.S. meat, according to new analysis of census data from Investigate Midwest.

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