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In the Hands of South Korea’s Military Recruits, a Smartphone Is Their Most Dangerous Weapon

The photo of the army meal barely resembled one: a heap of white rice, dried seaweed, and some indeterminate processed meat. A spoon and wrapper filled out the tray’s remaining compartments.

Elder Care Is Expensive and Exhausting for Millions of American Families

As millions "age in place," millions more must figure out how to provide their loved ones with increasingly complex care.

Why People Pay Thousands for Opulent 'Experience' Foods

Spending $200 on French fries or €5,000 on a burger seems utterly improbable. But consumers across the world are increasingly willing to shell out for over-the-top dishes.

Who Were the Highest-Paid Athletes for the Year 2021?

The Sunk Cost Fallacy

The sunk cost fallacy describes our tendency to follow through on an endeavor if we have already invested time, effort or money into it, whether or not the current costs outweigh the benefits.

CDC Eviction Ban Ended by Supreme Court: 4 Questions About Its Impact Answered by a Housing Law Expert

A legal scholar explains background on the ruling, what it means and who’s affected.

Reddit Turns Down Moderators Who Want Action on Covid Misinformation

Reddit, the sprawling social media site known for its community-guided ethos, rejected a plea from moderators of a pro-vaccine forum to do more to combat Covid-19 misinformation. Instead, Reddit...

Who Can Afford to Live in the American West When Locals Can’t?

The region, which long had the lowest rate of income inequality in the US, is shifting to one of haves and have-nots – and it’s happening fast

Airlines' Business Travel Problem

Revealed: ExxonMobil’s Lobbying War on Climate Change Legislation

Why U.S. Pharmacies Overcharge

Why Am I Not Rich & Famous? The Delusion of Our Times

We love to celebrate the rich and famous. Our culture cares about winning, and that’s the only thing that matters.

FBI Bankrolled Publisher of Occult Neo-Nazi Books, Feds Claim

Court documents claim that a confidential informant who helped bring down Atomwaffen Division is also a publisher of white supremacist literature.

The Secret Bias Hidden in Mortgage-Approval Algorithms

The new four-bedroom house in Charlotte, North Carolina, was Crystal Marie and Eskias McDaniels’ personal American dream, the reason they had moved there from pricey Los Angeles. A lush, long...

South Korea Becomes First Major Asian Economy to Raise Interest Rates

The move comes as central banks around the world prepare to exit emergency stimulus measures.

Bernie Madoff’s Harrowing Final Days: Hallucinations, Dire Medical Conditions, and Waiting for the End to Come

Prison medical records detail a grim litany of health issues for the man behind the biggest Ponzi scam in history and a rapid decline before his death on...

Afghanistan: World Bank Halts Aid After Taliban Takeover

The announcement comes after the International Monetary Fund halted aid to Afghanistan last week.

McDonald's Has Run Out of Milkshakes in the UK

McDonald's has been forced to stop selling milkshakes and bottled drinks at nearly 1,300 restaurants in the United Kingdom as Brexit-related staff shortages and supply chain delays caused by the...

The Challenges of Understanding Taliban Finance

Getting a clearer sense of the Taliban’s finances will help develop a more nuanced and balanced picture of the group.

Rivers of Doubt: The North Georgia Water Crisis

An ongoing lawsuit claims that North Georgia textile mills are to blame for unsafe water in Summerville.

Facebook’s Stealth M&A Puts Focus on Deals Under Antitrust Radar

Why Has the Gig Economy Been a Disappointment?

Maybe because traditional companies still have a good reason to exist.

Why Hospitals and Health Insurers Didn’t Want You to See Their Prices

Getting simple medical care at some hospitals can cost more with insurance than without.

World Index of Moral Freedom 2020

AskReddit: What Will It Take to Make Malls in America Cool Again?

Banking Chiefs Head for the Hills in Bid to Leave Cheap Money Behind

At the Jackson Hole bankers’ summit this week, the talk will be of ending quantitative easing – and this time it will be serious

Who Gets the L.L.C.? Inside a Silicon Valley Billionaire’s Divorce

A couple are heading to court to decide who is entitled to a fortune, started in the earliest days of Google, that includes valuable California real estate and stock holdings.

What’s Behind the Rental Car Shortage?

Harper's Index 09/2021

AskReddit: What’s One Thing You’re Always Willing to Pay the Extra Price For?

Jack Ma’s Costliest Business Lesson: China Has Only One Leader

The Sacklers Took $10 Billion Out of Purdue Pharma Before It Declared Bankruptcy, Says Journalist

Patrick Radden Keefe, investigative journalist, joins The News with Shepard Smith to discuss the Sackler family's role in the opioid problem in the U.S. and the ongoing civil litigation...

How to Create a Great Brand Name

AskReddit: What's the Most Elaborate Scam You Fell For?

What Will Happen to Afghanistan’s Economy Under Taliban Rule?

What you need to know about Afghanistan’s economy and the push to keep its overseas assets out of Taliban hands.

DDoSecrets Is the New WikiLeaks

How the transparency collective DDoSecrets eclipsed Julian Assange

The College Dorm Shopping Industrial Complex Is Real

For college students, dorm decor can showcase newly discovered identities. For parents, it can be a second nesting phase. It all adds up to a lot of shopping.

The Parameters of Peloton Celebrity

Yes, we are going to talk about Ally Love's Wedding

Class Conflict Is Back at the Core of Economics

When Will Your Country Recover From the Pandemic?

The Devastating Long-Term Effects of Eviction

“I have PTSD from the experience. I’ve had to take leave from work several times for therapy and I take five medications.”

Brand Positioning (Short Notes)

Easy Money': How International Scam Artists Pulled Off an Epic Theft of Covid Benefits

Russian mobsters, Chinese hackers and Nigerian scammers have used stolen identities to plunder tens of billions of dollars in pandemic aid, officials say.

End of the Line for Uber

Bezos’s Blue Origin Sues US Over Nasa’s Decision to Award Contract to SpaceX

Lawsuit filed after Blue Origin offered Nasa $2bn if it would change its mind on lunar lander contract

How Water Shortages Are Brewing Wars

Unprecedented levels of dam building and water extraction by nations on great rivers are leaving countries further downstream increasingly thirsty, increasing the risk of conflicts.

The Inside Story of How We Reported the Secret IRS Files

The ProPublica journalists who obtained the secret tax documents of thousands of America’s richest people share how they conceived of their stories, what readers should understand about the tax...

The Rooms Where It Happened by Richard Byrne

Statecraft needs stagecraft. We look at the sites of landmark diplomacy -- then and now.

As Kabul Falls to Taliban, Burqa Shops of Afghanistan Get Busy

South Asia News: In Afghanistan provinces, burqa shops are reopening and the thick, blue garments that cover a woman’s body from head to toe — the repressive symbol of

Dead White Man's Clothes: How Fast Fashion Is Turning Parts of Ghana Into Toxic Landfill

For decades, the West's unwanted fashion has made its way to used-clothing markets in Africa. Now it's fuelling an environmental catastrophe.

Falling Out Between Founders of Instagram-Beloved Cookware Company Great Jones

While Great Jones' affordable, pastel-colored cookware became a must-have for millennials, a war was brewing between the estranged best-friend founders.

MacKenzie Scott’s Money Bombs Are Single Handedly Reshaping America

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Don't Be a Schmuck. Put on a Mask News

I anticipated being called a Nazi and a Communist. But I’ve got thick skin stretched over my metal endoskeleton, so I knew I could take it.

Abandoned Motorola Headquarters

The international telecommunications company Motorola once had its headquarters in Schaumburg, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

Galloway: Hunger [OP]

Thanks to a consolidation of stimulus checks, increased food stamps, enhanced unemployment benefits, and child tax credits, the number of Americans living in poverty will be nearly halved this...

Millionaires Call for an Emergency Tax on Billionaires

Groups are urging a one-time tax on the $5.5 trillion in wealth billionaires gained during the pandemic to fund unemployment grants and vaccinate the world.

Penniless: Why a Victoria Man Has Gone Two Decades Without Money

David Johnston won™t touch money, except to destroy it

The Collapse of Small Business: An American Dystopia

Corporate consolidation is squeezing our economy

The Wild Logistics of the Istanbul Canal

From the stench of rotten eggs to sea snot as far as the eye can see, Istanbul’s grand canal project has some serious issues to overcome

Amazon to Monitor Customer Service Workers’ Keyboard and Mouse Strokes

An internal document also mentions cases where imposters have stolen Amazon customer data.

The Back-to-School Shopping Tradition in History

As more women went to college, department stores catered to them by setting up pop-up "college shops" every September.

China Says Crackdown on Business to Go on for Years

The five-year plan comes soon after a major clampdown on several big technology and education firms.

Richard Branson Aims to Float Virgin Atlantic While Air Travel Is in Doubt

No sooner has he returned from space than the Virgin king is making noises about putting his airline on the stock market.

The Dangerous Myth of Luxury Housing

How necessity has become polarized by bad marketing and good intentions

A Win for Biden, US Senate Passes $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

After years of partisan gridlock, Republicans join Democrats in support of future investment in highways, transit.

Germany′s Train Drivers Call Three-Day Strike

Germany's train drivers union had demanded a wage increase for drivers. Deutsche Bahn said the strike was an "unnecessary escalation" in wage negotiations.

Feds Crack Down on Brothers Behind 45 Million Illegal Robocalls

Unlawful telemarketing campaign included millions of calls to those on FTC's Do Not Call Registry, agency says.

How Happy Is America?

When Amazon Customers Leave Negative Reviews, Some Sellers Hunt Them Down

Alibaba to Sack Manager Accused of Rape, According to Memo Seen by BBC

The move comes after a woman's allegations of sexual assault went viral on Chinese social media.

Why Olympians Are So Broke

What 2026 Looks Like (Daniel's Median Future)

This was written for the Vignettes Workshop.[1] The goal is to write out a detailed future history (“trajectory”) that is as realistic (to me) as I can currently manage, i.e. I’m not aware of any...

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