Comedy posts earn 10% of Moons compared to other regular posts. This proposal will reduce contribution point multiplier on comments within comedy threads back to 1x instead of the 2x that was enacted in CCIP-001. It will only affect threads flaired as "comedy".

Since moons were introduced I see much more shitposting than before. People will start avoiding to comment on those posts, Reddit should remain a fun place with quip and banters. I know moon farming is a huge issue here but time to time I do love reading a variety of posts and comments. Especially funny posts.

The last comedy post that made you laugh was....? I don't even understand this but I feel things should be the way they are so I voted the latter. Just give all the karma to the guys yelling ALGO. You know things are going to get tough when people start voting for the same thing over and over.

The 90% reduction on Comedy posts hasn't cut them off completely but it's certainly made people try harder. For me personally I think its too extreme. Iirc theres already reduction for comedy flair. I know this was made so that people have to try harder, but i think it will backfire and no one want to post comedy because its useless.
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