The automotive sector is in the midst of an enormous change. Social and political forces are pushing the industry more and more toward adoption of electric vehicles. No EV will go anywhere if it can’t be recharged. ‘Last mile’ delivery, and various fleet businesses are already finding that EVs can meet their needs efficiently.

The charging market is no small potatoes. It’s estimated that it will hit $25.5 billion by 2027. That growth will come from a combination of private and public support. The US Energy Department estimates that by 2030, there will be 11,000 charging stations.

A nationwide public charging net work will bring with it a host of jobs in manufacturing, distribution, maintenance. This will include the big automakers, and the smaller EV companies, who are all working on charge points that can sold with their cars. The pure-play EV charging companies will deserve a second look from investors.

Solid Power is an industry leader in the development of all-solid-state rechargeable battery technology. The tech is widely seen as the next step forward and a likely replacement for today’s lithium-ion batteries. These are Buy-rated stocks with plenty of upside potential – and they’ve both gotten recent approval from the Wall Street analysts.
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