Quintana Island near Freeport remains closed to visitors after an explosion. No one was injured and all of the employees at the plant are accounted for. Surfside residents who live nearby said they heard and felt the explosion. The incident has since been contained and an investigation is underway.

At one point, the U.S. Coast Guard said there was a two-mile security zone east and west of the plant. It's unknown if that security zone is still in place. The Freeport LNG facility will be shut down for a minimum of three weeks.

Freeport LNG was founded in 2002 and was the first U.S. liquified natural gas import and regasification terminal in over 20 years. Construction on the plant began in 2005 and it was completed in 2008. The website says it has 160,000 cubic meter LNG storage tanks and a marine dock.

liquefied natural gas is natural gas that's been cooled to a liquid state. The process was developed in the 19th century to make transporting natural gas possible in places where pipelines don't reach. After it's returned to a gaseous state, it gets transported to natural gas pipelines and gas-fired power plants.
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