Moderna Inc. said it acted immediately to remove Jorge Gomez as chief financial officer earlier this week. Moderna said it learned of an investigation related to the handling of incentives at his former company. Gomez had previously been CFO at Dentsply Sirona Inc., where he was previously with Moderna.

Moderna announced Gomez’s departure the next morning, on May 11. The full board was convened for a special meeting later that day. Moderna said Friday that it was “unaware of the investigation until it was publicly disclosed” Gomez is receiving $700,000 in severance pay, or 12 months of salary.

Moderna says it can claw back the money if Dentsply Sirona or the Securities and Exchange Commission identify wrongdoing on his part. Gomez, 54, had served as CFO for Dentedply S irona for almost three years before leaving for Moderna. Shares of Moderna closed up almost 6% in New York.
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