"Dreamworld" is the fourth drink to come out of Coca-Cola Creations. Coke's new innovation platform focuses on limited-time items with a digital component. "We took inspiration from the technicolor world of dreams, adding a dash of vibrant flavors," a company spokesperson said.

Coca-Cola's Creations is a way for the company to shine a spotlight on its core product. The company is trying to bring gamers and younger audiences into the fold. Creations rolled out Starlight (space-flavored) and Byte (pixel-flavor) before Dreamworld.

Dreamworld cans and bottles come with QR codes that provide access to a virtual, augmented-reality world. It was developed in collaboration with Marshmello, a Grammy-nominated DJ and electronic music producer, and marked the first time the beverage company created a drink with an artist.

People who want to try Dreamworld can buy it in the United States and Canada starting on August 15, for a limited time. The product will be available in regular and zero-sugar varieties. Customers can also get digital Dreamworld-inspired outfits for their avatars to wear online.
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