Institutional staking of crypto assets could become a “phenomenon” in the future, but not while their assets still need to be “locked up.” Speaking during a Q2 earnings call on Tuesday, chief financial officer Alesia Haas noted that she didn't expect their new exclusive institutional staking service, rolled out in Q2, to be a ‘near-term phenomenon’

Liquid staking is the process of locking up funds to earn staking rewards, while still having access to the funds. Many financial institutions “don’t want their assets held indefinitely,” Haas said. Haas said it was still “early days” for their new staking service.

Coinbase Prime is a delegated staking service for institutions. It was first launched in Sep. 2021. Haas says once this liquid staking is available for financial institutions that can pool in funds at higher proportions, “we’ll see the real material impact of institutional revenue.”

The platform also offers other integrated services, such as access to a custody wallet with enhanced security. It also offers real-time crypto market data and analytics, and other crypto-native features like decentralized governance. The platform is available now for pre-order on the company's website.
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