There were59917 userslisted who will receive moons this round, with a total of 7699386 karma awarded (this includes bonuses such as the +20% you receive if you kept your moons from the previous round) The award ratio this round will be about0.2007Moons per karma (pending finalization of the data)

For example if you received 100 karma this round, you will receive 20.071 Moons once the data is finalized (in a week) Some people may have issues with having opening the link, using VPN will solve it, try that. If any problem just comment down below.

This is the 1st time I'll be getting MOONS! Were they tipped to you? Dang, nice haul brother. In the other post you can download it directly and most phones have a pdf reader with search function. Those are CSV file phones natively don't support it, unless with 3rd party software.
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