Airline tickets are expected to cool off from peak summer prices. Some fall domestic trips down more than $200, according to travel website Hopper. Demand for flights and hotels typically slows down around August as the summer travel season winds down. Travelers will also get a break on international travel, even though prices are still above 2019 levels.

International tickets will cost travelers $754 on average this fall, down $179, according to Hopper. The average cost of a U.S. flight will be $769, down from $764 last year. The cost of an international flight will fall from $869 to $766, down by $179.

Lowest prices will be between three and six weeks before a trip, Hopper says. Trips to San Diego, Portland, Oregon and Salt Lake City have already dropped more than $200 from peak summer prices. That's still 17% higher than 2019 levels, according to Hopper.
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