Justice Dept. Said to Conduct New Interviews in Inquiry Into Google’s Ad Tech. The Justice Dept. for more than a year has investigated whether Google abuses its dominance over the interlocking technologies that deliver ads online. The department may be moving closer to filing its second antitrust case against the company.

Google is testing a new way to test its search engine. The search engine is trying to find new ways to make more data available to the public. The company is also testing a way to make it easier for people to search for information on the internet. It is also trying to test new ways of finding out more information about how to use Google’s search engine to find information.

The Justice Department will hear Google's motion to dismiss an antitrust lawsuit. The State of Texas is suing Google over the company’s ad tech practices. Google: “The enormous competition in online advertising has made online ads more relevant, reduced ad tech fees and expanded options.”

The Justice Department has been investigating whether Google abused its search power. Google has been accused of abusing its power to manipulate ad exchanges. The Justice Department is waiting for a ruling on the matter before moving forward. The department is also looking into whether Google has broken antitrust laws, sources say.

Google offered to move its ad tech businesses into a separate unit under its parent company. But the offer was rejected by the Justice Department, a person with knowledge of the offer said. Google says it has no plans to exit the display ad tech business, the person said.
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