Reddit user u/Fast_Midnight381 made a suspicious post about an app that gives you free crypto when you shop. The shilly nature of the post had me seeing red flags everywhere. So, I started looking into the person who made this suspicious post. I begun to notice a range of unusual ”coincidences” surrounding this user.

R/tuktukcrypto is an app that allows users to post pictures of themselves and their friends. The app was created about a year ago, but it is only now starting to get traction. The site has a lot of posts about the app, but many of them seem to be about getting laid. It seems like the app is being used by people to get laid.

Some of the posts have been removed by moderators or deleted, but I tried to mostly include the ones still visible. In the best case scenario, they they may have created this app or are being paid to shill it. At the very worst case, they are attempting to scam people out of their money. Either way, I don’t think anyone would go near this app after reading this.

The initial reaction to the post was actually somewhat positive, before I left a scathing comment. It was only after my comment that people started to see it as a dodgy ad. Luckily the post didn’t gain much traction, so I don't think anyone actually took the bait.
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