You missed the boat. You didn't buy this coin or that coin. You missed the pump. That shitcoin took off without you onboard. Why didn't you listen to that random redditor who was shilling that coin 3 months ago? If you focus on all of the damn boats that have left without you, you'll keep missing the ones infront of you.

Bitcoin is king. ALTs will outperform BTC and ETH, however, the risk to rewards is exponentially higher. Set your time horizon to 5+ years and you'll be finde. Gamble with peanuts. Do not touch your major bags. Don't make the same mistake.

With my coins I feel like I’m in a gondola just waiting for the dust to come off. I like the strategy and mindset that this sub brings. The people have great insight and a wealth of knowledge. But for anyone to say they know what a specific coin is going to do… Don’t go trusting a random person on the internet for financial advice.

I just DCA into solid proven long term projects (BTC & ETH) and will be a long term hodler. Will my current dca into those projects make me a millionaire absolutely not. I can sleep easier at night at know I'm doing better then storing it in a coffin (savings account)
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