A few years ago, the first blockchain-based games launched, kicking off a new era in gaming. But those games had some serious limitations imposed on them by the slow and congested blockchains they relied on. It was a problem that hampered the games’ growth and made their play-to-earn mechanics unsustainable.

Under those conditions, quite a few of the pioneers of blockchain gaming buckled under the pressure and faded into obscurity. Their absence left a void in the crypto world just waiting for someone to fill. And the recent explosion in NFT development and the emergence of more efficient blockchains is finally making it possible for someone to do it.

Enter Kryxivia. It’s a new blockchain-based MMORPG that aims to succeed where so many others have faltered – in part by giving players real ownership of their in-game assets. And when it’s ready to launch, it’s going to change the face of blockchain gaming forever. Here’s how.

Enter the World of Kryxivia Kryxivia immerses players in a world where a mine containing artifacts of an ancient civilization promises power and influence to whoever finds them. But those artifacts offer more than in-game buffs and power-ups. They – along with every other asset in the game – are NFTs. That means players can buy, sell, and trade them at will, feeding a vibrant in-game economy.

When the game launches, the primary goal of the world’s inhabitants will be to find and extract as many of the mine’s artifacts as possible. Players can explore the mine in parties of up to four, with the difficulty scaling up as their party size increases. And successful mining means advancing in the game.

That’s because the artifacts serve as the game’s leveling system, allowing the players that find them to power up their characters based on the effects of each artifact. And players also have the option of upgrading artifacts as they see fit, unlocking their potential in a world with limitless...

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