Varney: Biden's first year in office a 'failure' From the border crisis, supply chain and COVID, Biden's failed badly with major initiatives, Stuart Varney said

FOX Business' Stuart Varney, during his latest "My Take" on "Varney & Co.," argued that President Biden’s first year in office is a "failure" and he's proposed "radical measures" to "transform America."


STUART VARNEY: The president has failed badly with his major initiatives. How did this happen?

The rot started in the first months of his administration: inexplicably, he went far left -- he embraced Bernie Sanders, socialism and ‘The Squad.’

Right from the get-go, he proposed radical measures to "transform America". He went left, way left, in a center-right country.

Maybe he wanted to be another FDR? Turns out he was tone-deaf.

When moderates within his party suggested he was reaching too far, and wouldn't go that far with him, he turned nasty. Jen Psaki launched a blistering attack on Senator Manchin – that’s not how you change minds.

Then, when Build Back Better failed, Biden shifted to voting reform, another priority of the far left -- and again, when challenged, he turned nasty. That speech in Atlanta this week was divisive and insulting: you don't agree with me? You're a racist. Even Democrats were turned off.

The policies were wrong.

The president's approach was wrong.

His cabinet got the border wrong, inflation, wrong, supply chain, wrong.

COVID? Don't get me started!

It was all driven by the left, and the result is a party at war with itself, and a president whose first year in office is a failure.

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