People who don't understand crypto at all, and have fear of what they don't know. And people who understand it way too much, and are worried by their interests being in danger. And then, there’s my girlfriend, who has no idea how this works.

"I wanted to give 5000€ cash to grandma, as she did to me, and take 200€ for myself as “consulence”. So in the last two and a half months I took cash 500€ weekly and last sunday I went to her. After she saw 5000€ she couldn’t believe her eyes"

This week I invested 500€ in 9 different projects: DOT, LUNA, SOL, CRO, GALA, CKB, XRD, ALGO and ONE. I left them in my “grandma wallet”, and I hope in two years from now they will increase in value and I could still show them to her.

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