Apple is the latest in a string of companies and governments to come after NSO. Earlier this month, U.S. officials placed the company on a trade blacklist. Watchdog groups say NSO targeted human rights workers and journalists. Apple is also seeking to ban NSO Group from using any Apple software.

NSO has also faced either legal action or criticism from Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O), Meta Platforms Inc (FB.O) and Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO.O). NSO is allegedly involved in circumventing security for products made by these companies and selling that circumvention in the form of hacking tools.

NSO's tools were used in "concerted efforts in 2021 to target and attack Apple customers," Apple said. Apple alleged that NSO Group created more than 100 fake Apple ID user credentials to carry out its attacks. "NSO Group will continue to advocate for the truth," a spokesperson said.

NSO Group was directly involved in providing consulting services for the attacks, Apple says. Apple said it has so far seen no evidence of NSO's tools being used against Apple devices using iOS 15. The iPhone maker said that it will donate $10 to NSO.
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