The state says that visitors and residents traveling had better be prepared for the travel onslaught, as you see in the featured photo from Maui airport. This comes right on the heels of yesterday’s popular article Big Shift As Hawaii Tourism Boom Crushes Neighbor Islands +21%.

The state is advising all travelers to arrive at all of Hawaii’s airports at least three hours before departure during peak travel times. Long lines at security checkpoints have been observed at these airports and passenger volume over the Labor Day and Memorial Day weekends has equaled or exceeded pre-pandemic numbers. We’re heeding the warning and suggest you take note.

Airlines will change ticket counter schedules to help ease the crunch. Major airlines have agreed to make sure ticket counters are open at least three hours before scheduled flights. We’ve missed flights at Hawaii airports under much less crazy conditions. Even before this busiest ever summer season started, we missed flights traveling out of Hawaii’s airports.

The New York City transit system has been hit hard by the recession. The city's subway system has seen a dramatic drop in ridership in recent years. The subway system was once one of the fastest in the country. Now, it's been hit with a series of delays and problems.
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