Disclaimer: I don't care about price or market cap whatsoever. I'm more interested in the technical future of this field than short-term moonshots. Only thing I care about are the technical claims made by formal research driven by the blockchains' respective foundations and the tradeoffs therein.

"I'll probably have to do a Satoshi and claim that "if you're not gonna get it, then I don't have time to explain it to you" (he allegedly said this on the forums in the early days of BTC.) I'm gonna be using my background knowledge in theoretical computer science and abstract math (which, of course, does not even begin to compare to that of Charles or Silvio)"

I'm gonna be comparing the following attributes of each cryptocurrency. My goal is to determine the most sound way of doing things in this field from a technical and formal mathematical perspective. I'm gonna compare the attributes of decentralization, security, scalability, Monetary policy, and ecosystem culture.

There's no standard standard for ALGO nodes or stake-pools. Hardware requirements for a full-node (your own copy of the chainstate) and for a stake- pool (handling staking on your own computers without having to go through any third-party)
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