Ahmad Abouammo, 44, managed media partnerships in the Middle East and North Africa. He developed relationships with prominent individuals in the region. He received hundreds of thousands of dollars and a luxury watch from a top adviser to Saudi Arabia’s crown prince.

The jury convicted Mr. Abouammo of two counts of wire fraud or conspiracy to commit wire fraud. In return, prosecutors said, he shared the personal user information of dissidents with Saudi officials. It found him not guilty of money laundering, falsifying records and acting as an agent of a foreign government.

The verdict comes at a fraught moment between the United States and Saudi Arabia. President Biden made his first visit as president to the kingdom last month. The visit was sharply criticized by human rights activists who said it diminished the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the Washington Post columnist who was assassinated in 2018.

Jurors say they deliberated the longest over the charge that Mr. Abouammo acted as an agent of a foreign government. The jury reached a unanimous decision on that count Tuesday morning, the jurors said. A Twitter spokeswoman said the company had cooperated with law enforcement during the trial.

Prosecutors described Mr. Abouammo as a mole who had sold his access to personal user information to Saudi Arabia. Ali Alzabarah, another former Twitter employee who was also charged in the scheme, fled the country before he could be arrested. Several of the charges of which he was acquitted were related to communications between Mr. Alzabara and Saudi officials.
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