A Southwest Airlines flight attendant fractured her spine after a hard landing in California last month. It was a rare injury aboard a commercial aircraft. There were only two serious injury reports in the United States’ nearly 9 million flight hours in 2020, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

The flight attendant was diagnosed with a “compression fracture to her T3 vertebra,’ the NTSB says. No one else on board the flight was injured. The report did not assign any fault for the accident, the report says. “The safety of Southwest’s customer and employees is always our top priority,” the airline says.

John Wayne Airport is known for flight restrictions requiring commercial airplanes to climb steeply after takeoff. There are no rules in place for planes landing. Pilots reported that they were aiming for the runway’s “touchdown zone due to its short runway.”

The flight attendant was seated in one of the plane’s jumpseats, with her seatbelt on in the “brace position.” The only other injury reported aboard a Southwest flight this year was a woman who broke her ankle exiting a bathroom in May while the plane was cruising.
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