Here’s what time the lunar eclipse starts, the best time to see the blood moon, where to stream it online, and more. Also, nuts-and-bolts explanations of what has been happening with bitcoin and stablecoins. Don’t miss these top stories.

Goop’s $120 diapers were supposed to ‘piss us off,’ Gwyneth Paltrow says. The gem-encrusted ‘Diapérs’ are a fake product designed to call out the luxury tax many states place on diapers.

‘The Northman’ star Alexander Skarsgard is selling his East Village apartment for $2.6 million. Drexel University professor Gordian Ndubizu is accused of keeping phony books for a pharmacy business he ran and wiring profits overseas to avoid paying taxes.

Almost 80% of employees with a 4-day work week said they were happier and less stressed out. Read more at and follow us on Twitter @CNNSexpert and @jennifer_soulmatt. Follow CNN Living on Facebook and Twitter.
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