The new Kia Niro has significantly more pizzazz after being redesigned from the ground up, both inside and out. It's one of those somewhat rare occasions when the next generation of a vehicle looks basically nothing like its predecessor. Depending on which side are you on, the 2023 Niro will be a love/hate affair.

Kia's new Niro HEV concept has a wide C-pillar. It echoes other bold Kia models launched recently, including the larger Sportage SUV. The two-tone alloy wheels with the "Y" spoke design also take after the showcar, as do the curved, sweptback taillights shaped like a boomerang.

The interior has also been fully redesigned and looks significantly more upmarket while having a dashboard layout similar to that of the new Sportage. We're already familiar with Kia's side-by-side screens, with the infotainment being accompanied by quite a few separate controls for the climate settings and other functions.

The new Kia Niro has a rotary gear lever that frees up more space around the lower section of the center console. The new shifter is flanked by additional physical buttons for the heated and ventilated seats, heated steering wheel, auto hold function, and parking assistance system.
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