$1 a week into Bitcoin for the past 9 years would be $470 total invested and be worth $102,233. $10 a week for past 5 years would is $2,610 total invested. $2 a week in Bitcoin for past 3 years is $314 invested and is worth $1,896.

There are only three ways to win, you’re either first, your better, or you cheat. People really need to understand this. This crypto dilemma is a difficult one to solve. Patient is the key. We’ve got to be patient with each other.

Solid investments are long term (years not months) and move upwards over time even if it doesn't feel like it from day to day. The market is a mechanism to transfer money from the impatient to the patient. If you believe in something, keep at it and it'll pay off big time.

This is the only fool proof way of investing. It requires 0 knowledge or research. It’s almost too easy, almost like this emergent monetary system and asset class is growing at an unstoppable exponential rate. I typed the 10$ a week for 5 years one first for my good buddy who smokes say a pack or so a week, maybe incentivize him towards financial independence.
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