Brazilian police bust two men and a woman loading a chopper with $1.3 million in bills. The detainees told police they worked for G.A.S.S., police say. The men were arrested at a boutique seaside hotel in Rio de Janeiro state.

Brazilian man accused of running a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme. He allegedly promised investors 10% monthly returns on their money. The scheme is believed to be worth at least $7 billion. The man is accused of defrauding thousands of small-scale investors.

Dos Santos is in a Rio jail awaiting trial on charges including racketeering, financial crimes. He remains under investigation in the attempted murder of a third competitor. Despite the long list of charges he faces, dos Santos represents an unlikely hero to his fervent supporters. His lawyers didn't reply to AP requests for comment.

Many view him as a modest Black man whose unorthodox Bitcoin business made them wealthy by gaming a financial system they believe is rigged by wealthy white elites. The case underscores the fast-growing appetite for cryptocurrencies in Brazil, where years of economic and political crises have made digital currencies an attractive shield against depreciation of the Brazilian real.
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