November is Crypto Literacy Month. 96% of Americans and 99% of Brazilian and Mexican respondents failed to pass a 17-question quiz regarding basic crypto concepts. Check out The Ascent's cryptocurrency apps for 2021 on our list of the best apps for the future of cryptocurrency.

The results of the survey were published by The results were based on a survey of 1,000 internet users in three countries: America, Brazil, and Mexico. The survey also included a question about how much money is in the system.

4 in 10 respondents were unable to answer more than half of the questions. Americans performed better than Brazilians, where 3 in 10 answered a third of quiz questions correctly. Overall, there were similar crypto adoption rates across each: 14% in Mexico, 15% in Brazil, 17% in the U.S.

As an asset class, cryptocurrencies are failing in their mission to advance financial inclusion and economic equality. We're curious to see if government adoption drives public understanding and use of crypto. El Salvador will be interesting to add as that country formally adopted Bitcoin as legal tender in September.
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