Wallace Reid drives for Uber and Lyft in New York. He fills up his Lexus at least three times a week. He pays around $95 each time, about double what he was paying last year. Millions of Americans who rely on their cars for work are changing their habits.

This week, it’s averaging $4.95 per gallon nationwide, up from $3.06 per gallon a year ago. President Joe Biden asked Congress to suspend federal gas taxes for three months. He also called on states to suspend their own gas taxes.

Shoemaker-Galloway is removing the 10% discount she has always given to repeat customers. She worries that gas prices will cut into her business in other ways. “Because the price of everything is so expensive, people are cutting back on non-essentials,” she says.

Nicoa Nieto works at a T.J. Maxx distribution center in San Antonio. She sometimes carpools or fills her tank only halfway, which still costs her more than $50. A handful of colleagues on her shift, which ends at 2:30 a.m., ride their bikes.
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