Deborah Gale is an Apple corporate treasury manager turned gerontologist researcher. She's now helping retirees find purpose at a U.K. -based social enterprise called The Purpose Xchange. It launched in October 2021, under the umbrella of the provocatively-titled The Age of No Retirement.

When it comes to purpose in retirement, Gale says, it’s all about three words: identity, intention and action. Gale is the Affiliate Director for U.K. Operations of the Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship. She also helps transition corporate employees into nonprofit work in retirement.

Deborah Gale was responsible for all the domestic cash and foreign exchange operations at Apple. She then got a master's in aging in public policy at King’s College in London. Gale: ‘I am a highly educated, battle-tested in a corporate marketplace woman who can’t get a job'

Aging 2.0 is a group of scientists and doctors working to improve the lives of older people in the UK. The group is called Aging 2 Pint O and is based in London. The founder of the group is Dr. Michael O’Leary, who has been involved in longevity research for more than 30 years.
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