Details show Google employees fretting its ad tech auctions were ‘untruthful’ and based in ‘insider information’ Google pocketed the difference between what it told publishers and advertisers that an ad cost and used the pool of money to manipulate future auctions to expand its digital monopoly.

The lawsuit was first filed in December 2020, with many sections of the complaint redacted. Since then, the redactions have been stripped away in a series of rulings. Google said it intends to file a motion to dismiss it next week. The documents cite internal correspondence in which Google employees said some of these practices amounted to growing its business through "insider information"

A company spokesman said the lawsuit was “full of inaccuracies and lacks legal merit” The way ads are bought and sold on the internet is a complex process. Google plays an outsize role as both a participant in and manager of the auctions that determine sales.
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