Today May 22, 2022 crypto lovers are celebrating Bitcoin pizza day — Its 12th anniversary.
Previously cryptos were not accepted as a payment method, but after a man from Florida bought a meal using Bitcoin, that was all people could talk about.
On 22 May 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz, a programmer and BTC miner from Florida, used the crypto to purchase two pizzas from Papa John’s. It is the first physical item purchased with the first decentralized digital currency.

Laszlo Hanzecz who spent cryptocurrency (10,000 BTC) now worth over 295,000,000.00 USD on 2 pizzas said he has no regrets.

After the first transaction, Hanyecz would go on to do it many more times and spend a total of 100,000 Bitcoin on pizza that summer - now worth $2,9billion.

To commemorate Lazlo's legendary transaction, May 22 is dubbed Bitcoin Pizza Day.
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