Ukrainian servicemen treat a wounded woman in Lysychansk, an eastern city under Russian attack. Ukrainian servicemen treated a wounded man in the eastern city of Lysyhansk, a Ukrainian military spokesman said. The Ukrainian military said it was treating the wounded man as part of its medical team.

Moscow’s assault on eastern city of Severodonetsk also took out second bridge linking it to neighboring Lysychansk. Ukrainian governor of the Luhansk region said Russian forces had shelled the Azot chemical plant. Residents had taken refuge in bunkers.

Mr. Haidai said Ukrainian forces remained in control of that part of the city. He disputed claims that people inside the plant were trapped. The competing claims came as Russian forces kept up their efforts to take the city, the largest remaining outpost in Luhansk that Moscow hasn’t captured.

“No one is trapped in the plant,” Mr. Haidai said on Ukrainian television Sunday. “There are no battles on the site of the plant. The only thing is that they constantly shell this plant.” A majority of the city’s buildings have now been destroyed, and most residents have fled.
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