Hawaiian Airlines to introduce new widebody A330-200 planes. The planes will add a new level of comfort and luxury. They will also have better fuel economy, and the potential for longer distance flights. Not to mention blazing-fast, free Starlink satellite WiFi.

Hawaiian has firm orders for 10 planes with flatbeds and the purchase rights for 10 more. The FAA began to pull back on Boeing aircraft certifications, including that of the 787. That has led to multiple delays in deliveries that are now expected to end this week.

The new Boeing Dreamliner offers significantly greater fuel efficiency and range. This new product is intended to be an addition to the existing A330 widebody fleet on long-haul routes. We don't know when subsequent aircraft might be delivered or how Hawaiian will deploy a more limited fleet than they’d envisioned.

Hawaiian has expressed interest in Southeast Asia routes, including Singapore. It isn't clear whether dense west coast markets such as San Francisco and Los Angeles could also be added to the company’s plans for the Dreamliner. Hawaiian COO Jon Snook said this is the plane for Japan, Australia, and New York.

The 787-9 variant, which Hawaiian will receive, can range up to 7,635 miles from Hawaii. Dreamliner will also be used for domestic premium markets, with JFK being a certainty. On the Dreamliner, you can expect these new routes to bring flight times up to about 14+ hours.
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