A crippling heat wave created the hottest spring on record in India and Pakistan. Europe saw a heat wave of its own in May, with the temperature reaching historic highs. And in the United States? Surprise: unprecedented heat wave! Dozens of states saw spring temperatures at the highest they’ve ever been.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts above-average temperatures in June, July, and August for most of the lower 48. Texas may be the most vulnerable of those 48. Most states in the continental US are connected to power grids that sprawl across state (and at times even international) lines.

Keeping the Texas grid disconnected from the rest of the country means it won't fall under federal regulations. But it also means Texas can't borrow power from other states when its power infrastructure fails. In February 2021, Winter Storm Uri hit, knocking out power across the state for days.

The American grid will be pushed to its breaking point trying to keep up with energy demand. This May, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation announced that several parts of North America are at “elevated or high risk” of blackouts. In California, officials warned that climate change could cause blackouts in the state for the next five summers.
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