The pilot unions of Sweden, Norway and Denmark submitted their notice to strike on June 29th. The strike then postponed until July 1st, and then again until July 2nd. “It is a positive sign that they can talk directly,” said Jan Sjölin, the official mediator appointed by Sweden’s National Mediation Office.

Mediators from The National Mediation Office (Medlingsinstitutet) have been assisting the negotiations since June 13th. Sjölin would not give his judgement of how likely it was that a strike would be avoided. “No, that is impossible. And then we are on hand making sure that the process moves forward,” he said.

SAS management and SPF have been in intensive negotiations for several weeks on a new collective agreement. 560 pilots who were laid off during the pandemic have not been re-employed. The Swedish pilot union believes that SAS is circumventing the right to re-employment by using staff from two subsidiaries as temporary labourers.

The Norwegian pilot union issued a threat to let the company go bankrupt. “If the company is unable to keep in line with the Scandinavian model, we believe that it is an actor that does not have the right to survive,” said Roger Klokset, leader of the union.
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