A lot of new reports about Tesla Cybertruck coming out and being shared in the Tesla community – I’d take those with a big grain of salt. Earlier this week, we reported that Tesla plans on releasing a product roadmap update on January 26 with Cyberruck being a product of focus.

Reuters reports that Tesla Cybertruck production has been delayed to the first quarter 2023. Several other news reports came out about the electric pickup truck, but we have doubts about their veracity. This report by Reuters’ Hyunjoo Jin is based on a single source and it doesn’t look like he ever had any exclusive information on Tesla before, which raises a red flag for me.

Analyst Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research also came out with a new report on the Cybertruck. He claimed that Tesla will unveil the production version of the Cyberruck in March. It will include two versions, including one about 15-20% smaller than the original one.

We should get more information on January 26, but in the meantime, I’d take all these reports with a giant grain of salt. We have also seen a new Cybertruck prototype being tested by Tesla at Fremont factory last month, and it appeared to be just as big as the original prototype.
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