Logistics-as-a-service tech company everstox has just secured a €20 million boost to expand across Europe. The Munich-based startup, founded in 2019 by Boris Bösch, Felix Haberland and Johannes Tress, offers scalable and data-driven warehousing and fulfilment for eCommerce, B2B and Retail via a network of independent European logistics service providers.

With a mission to build the first technology-driven and independent network of renowned warehouse logistics and fulfilment partners, everstox aims to enable transparent, efficient and eco-friendly logistics solutions across Europe.

In the age of booming eCommerce, successful merchants are able to scale demand at an incredibly high pace. However, scaling logistics and warehouse operations at the same pace is currently creating a challenge that is breaking momentum and slowing down growth for agile eCommerce businesses.

The exerstox solution combines a network of professional 3rd party logistics operators with a tech platform for real-time management and monitoring. By doing so, the software enables merchants to flexibly grow their warehousing and shipping operations, rely on proven operational excellence, and benefit from deep integrations into today’s eCommerce software stack.

Boris Bösch, co-founder, said: “In today’s agile eCommerce environment, successful merchants scale demand for their businesses in no time. However, scaling logistics and warehousing operations is the missing piece that is still highly complex and breaks all growth momentum. We are here to change that and bring a fully automated and flexible solution to all merchants.”

By offering access to Tier 1 warehousing and shipping partners throughout Europe, everstox’ solution empowers merchants to manage all distribution activities with one unified cloud software.

It means that fast-growing companies can easily kick-off with one or multiple fulfilment hubs and expand into other European countries at...

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