After years of investing in crypto I am finally able to buy a peice of land for me and my family on decentraland, which is the future for the metaverse. Currently I am living in a dumpster outside my apartment complex but its all worth it because decentraland and the Metaverse are the future. I'm sad because some people...

ATH was sweet. I'm happy that you and your family have a nice and cozy dumpster to share. Most of us don't even have that. Someday it will be worth more than a penthouse in NYC with central park views. Who needs penthouses? Can't display your NFTs in them.

A Metaversal way of looking at things. A sad dystopian future awaits us all.........or we are already there. What's outside the simulation? How do you go to Decentraland? Decentransportation? A moon themed party and toke up in your celebration!
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