General Electric, Johnson & Johnson and Toshiba all announced that they would split up their businesses recently. Mario Gabelli says more companies will catch the 'contagion' to split up — watch for these 4 potentially lucrative breakups. Mergers and acquisitions have allowed many enterprises to grow, but some of the biggest multinationals are now doing the exact opposite.

Mario Gabelli says more companies could follow suit. “When the boardrooms of America look at this, when they look at what’s going on, you have contagion,” he said. Here are four companies that could be next on the spin-off list.

Macy’s (M) is known for its department stores. The business, though, has improved. Comparable sales increased 37.2% at Macy's owned stores in Q3. Macy's shares are still down 22.5% compared to five years ago.

Macy’s digital sales rose 19% year-over-year. The company also announced its plan to launch a digital marketplace in the second half of 2022. Last month, it was reported that activist investor Jana Partners had taken a stake in Macy's.
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