Surfside, Florida, condo building with 136 apartments collapsed in June 2021, killing 98 people. Relatives sued, with lawyers seeking nearly $1 billion for the value of the residences ranging from $400,000 to $2.9 million. Most attorneys thought that the $1billion sum would not be reached, but on Wednesday a $997 million deal was agreed.

Some 136 apartments in the Champlain Tower were destroyed in a controlled explosion on July 4. Lawyers for the residents and their relatives said the units lost ranged in valued from about $400,000 to about $2.9 million. There were no mitigating factors like extreme weather to cause the collapse.

'I could have lifted it with my pinkie,' her best friend Lisa Shrem said. The rubble has been separated into two piles, based on supposed value of the evidence it might hold. The portions that crews have determined to contain possible remains are moved inside a warehouse, while the rest is left outside.
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