China's commercial hub of 25 million hoped to come out of its painful six-week-old lockdown later this month. Shanghai was tightening its COVID-19 lockdown for what it hoped would be the final week of its battle with the virus. Beijing kept fighting its much smaller but persistent outbreak.

Many residents of the nation's most populous city have received notices to stay indoors for a three-day "silent" period. Many buildings were told overnight that restriction would be extended until Friday. Authorities on Saturday were hoping one last round of tightening would eradicate the last infections of the country's worst COVID outbreak.

Linette Lim has spent more than 40 days under lockdown. "Nerves are frayed and people have no end goal to look forward to," she says. Going silent usually means residents cannot leave home and, in some cases, it can mean no deliveries. "It's very frustrating because everyone has been asked to make sacrifices," Lim says.

Hundreds of millions in dozens of Chinese cities live under COVID curbs of various degrees. The measures are hurting consumption and manufacturing in the world's second-biggest economy. They are disrupting global trade and supply chains. Some analysts expect the economy to shrink this quarter.
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