Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary takes aim at Boeing’s commercial-aircraft division. Ryanair is one of Boeing Co.'s biggest customers. O'Leary also questions Boeing's pending shift of its headquarters from Chicago to Virginia. He says the company needs to reboot its commercial aircraft division.

Michael O’Leary also questioned Boeing’s pending shift of its headquarters from Chicago to Virginia. While the move “may be good for the defense side of the business, it doesn’t fix the fundamental underlying problems on the civilian aircraft side in Seattle,” he said.

Boeing and rival Airbus SE are often taken to task publicly by their airline customers for delivery delays and quality issues. Mr. O’Leary has a reputation for being outspoken in his criticism of both suppliers and regulators. Still, his broadside against Boeing was unusual in its breadth and expletive-laced ferocity.

Ryanair flew 97.1 million customers last year as it continued to recover from the pandemic. It plans to fly 165 million passengers in the current fiscal year. Mr. O’Leary said its expansion plans have been impacted by Boeing’s failure to deliver aircraft on time.
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