Firms claiming to have taken over from Domestic & General have become a common problem

My parents, who are in their 80s, attempted to contact their domestic appliances insurer, National Home Cover, when their dishwasher packed up. They were unable to reach it by phone or email. It turns out they had been notified by a scam email in April that their previous insurer, Domestic & General (D&G), had been bought out by National Home Cover, and they were asked to pay £284 to renew the policy. An online search flags this company as suspect. The modus operandi appears to be to target the elderly or infirm, take their money and then ignore any attempts at contact when a claim is made. IM, London

Insurance scams that target elderly householders have soared during the pandemic. A common ruse is for cold-callers to claim they have taken over from D&G, the country’s largest warranty provider for household appliances. D&G says there are currently 23 injunctions against such scam companies. “The intelligence we have suggests that these rogue traders have similar strategies,” it tells me. “Some of the individuals in control of the enterprises are often involved in a number of different scams.”

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