CNBC's Jim Boulden spoke with the CEO of Zebra Technologies. He said the company has seen a decline in the cost of components like semiconductor chips. The company has also seen an increase in the number of employees, he said. Bouldens: "We've seen a decrease in the amount of people working for us"

"Our cost per kilo was coming down, not to what it was pre-pandemic but it certainly was down," Gustafsson said in an interview on "Mad Money" "Now, it started off with freight being the issue that we talked about, the cost that we incurred, that has moderated," he said.

The company is forecasting a hold at these levels for the rest of the year. "We're now spending a lot more money on securing long-lead time parts," Gustafsson said. The company has had to pay for more expensive shipping options as a result of the supply chain delays.

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